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Peter Kaczynski

Vintage Cars with Peter Kaczynski
Stanhope, NJ

Like many guys, Peter Kaczynski loves his toys. He's an average guy with a not-so-average taste in cars and motorcycles. Just take one look at his ever-growing collection of unique cars. His aggressive sense of styling gives the term “OEM plus” a new meaning. He finds a beautiful intensity in restoring and driving vintage BMWs, which has become one of his favorite passions, yet he still regularly enjoys a muddy, off-road adventure in his lifted Jeep Wrangler.

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    Turtle WaxDash & Glass Interior Detailer

    23.0 fl oz

    • 2-in-1 Cleaner for Glass and Dash
    • No Residue, Streak-free Shine
    • Simply Spray and Wipe
    "I took this shot while in the process of detailing my Harley Davidson Fatboy and Indian Drifter. These bikes mean a lot to me and while writing an editorial about the process and procedure of detailing motorcycles I managed to capture this shot. I attempted to catch the product in action with the help of my fiancé. Interestingly enough it took a few tries to snap the photo we wanted but it was"

    Turtle WaxICE Spray Wax

    20.0 fl oz

    • Gives glossy, wet-look finish
    • UV protection feature
    • Suitable for all car finishes
    "Picture this awful rainy week where all you get is a miserable rain and a dark gloomy day. When suddenly a gorgeous day breaks when you’re dying to go for a drive in my BMW e30. I got in touch with my buddy and off we went. After the rain our cars had been dirty and needed a slight touch up since I knew we were going to shoot. We washed out cars and brought out the Turtle Wax Spray Wax. Quick"


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