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Arlen Liverman

Ever since Arlen can remember, he has been an avid car enthusiast. It wasn’t until rebuilding his first car in high school that Arlen learned the true beauty of an automobile. Currently, Arlen is the proud owner of a 2005 Subaru WRX STi. Arlen’s passion for photography began while he was in his bachelors program at Coastal Carolina University. After combining his love for automobiles with his newfound passion of photography, Arlen came to enjoy the adventures automotive photography brings.

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    arlen Recommends

    Turtle WaxICE Spray Wax

    20.0 fl oz

    • Gives glossy, wet-look finish
    • UV protection feature
    • Suitable for all car finishes
    "During this shoot we were just outside of a rock quarry so it was extremely dusty. I used the spray wax to clean some of the dust off of the rear badge prior to a close up picture."

    Turtle WaxLuxe Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

    16.0 fl oz

    • Cleans & Conditions in One Step
    • Preserves Leather's Natural Look
    • UV Blockers Prevent Fading
    "This picture was taken while cleaning the interior of my girlfriends car. Since the interior of my car doesn’t have any leather, I decided to try out the Luxe Leather cleaner with the interior of her car. It left the steering wheel and dash extremely clean, yet not greasy like other cleaners."

    Turtle WaxMax Power Car Wash

    100.0 fl oz

    • Adjustable Strength: User Control
    • Enough for Over 20 Washes
    • Eliminates Toughest Dirt and Grime
    "Prior to taking this picture, I wanted to capture how easy it is to use the new Max power car wash. In order to do this, I shot the picture in my driveway prior to cleaning my car. I tried to create a laid-back scene with the warm colors, soft early morning light, and had my girlfriend pour the car wash into the bucket."


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