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Join the Detailer Collective

We’re excited to give our Turtle Wax community the chance to share their love for the products they already know and love while receiving awesome rewards. What’s it take? Simply complete Turtle Wax missions in exchange for cash rewards, discounts and other cool perks.

What is a Turtle Wax ambassador?

It’s a super fan who is passionate about keeping their car looking top-notch and who wants to spread the word about the Turtle Wax products they already use. They’ll complete missions ranging from following us on social media, sharing with others their Turtle Wax car care routine and more. The more missions they complete, the more rewards they’ll receive.


Who can be a Turtle Wax ambassador?

Whether you're a professional detailer, detailing enthusiast or weekend warrior, the Turtle Wax ambassador program is available to all 18 years of age or older. All you need to do is complete at least one mission per month.


Who can be a Turtle Wax ambassador?


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