Ultimate Ceramic Protection Kit

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  • Complete Ceramic Protection in One Kit
  • Versatile and Easy Application
  • Professional-Grade Tools
  • Advanced Formulas from Hybrid Solutions
  • Trusted Quality for over 75 Years

  • Complete Ceramic Protection in One Kit
  • Versatile and Easy Application
  • Professional-Grade Tools
  • Advanced Formulas from Hybrid Solutions
  • Trusted Quality for over 75 Years
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Elevate your car care routine to a whole new level with the Ultimate Ceramic Protection Kit by Turtle Wax. This meticulously curated kit brings together a powerful array of cutting-edge products, meticulously designed to provide your vehicle with an unparalleled level of protection, shine, and longevity.

The Ultimate Arsenal of Ceramic Formulas:

  1. Hybrid Solutions Wash & Wax (48 fl oz): This dynamic duo combines the cleansing power of a premium car wash with the protective prowess of ceramic. It effectively removes dirt and grime while leaving behind a robust layer of ceramic shield.

  2. Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Wax Spray (16 fl oz): Experience the future of quick and easy ceramic application. This high-gloss spray formula delivers exceptional ceramic protection in minutes, leaving your vehicle with a stunning, water-beading finish.

  3. Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Wax 3-in-1 Detailer (32 fl oz): This versatile detailer combines the cleaning power of a spray wax, the gloss-enhancing effects of a quick detailer, and the long-lasting protection of ceramic. Perfect for touch-ups or maintaining that showroom shine.

  4. Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Polish & Wax (14 fl oz): Unveil the true potential of your vehicle's paint with this advanced formula. It not only smoothens imperfections but leaves behind a deep, glossy shine protected by ceramic layers. 

  5. Hybrid Solutions Hyper Foam Wheel Cleaner & Tire Prep (23 fl oz): Tackle tough brake dust and grime with this high-foaming formula. It preps your wheels and tires for a thorough clean, leaving them gleaming and ready to shine.

  6. Hybrid Solutions Graphene Acrylic Tire Shine Spray Coating (23 fl oz): Elevate your tire shine game with this graphene-infused formula. It provides a long-lasting, high-gloss finish that stands up to the elements.

  7. Hybrid Solutions Ceramic + Graphene Inside Job (16 fl oz): This advanced interior cleaner is infused with ceramic and graphene technology. It not only cleans and protects your interior surfaces but leaves them with a rich, non-greasy finish. 

Complete Kit with Professional-Grade Tools:

  • Black Microfiber Towels (x4): These high-quality, lint-free microfiber towels are perfect for applying and buffing products, ensuring a streak-free finish. 

  • Wax and Polish Applicator Pads (x4): These specially designed pads allow for precise application of waxes, polishes, and sealants, ensuring an even and smooth finish. 

  • Plush Microfiber Wash Mitt: This wash mitt is designed with ultra-soft fibers, ensuring a gentle yet effective clean for your vehicle's exterior surfaces. 

  • Wheel & Tire Brush: The Wheel & Tire Brush features durable bristles, making it easy to remove grime and brake dust from your wheels and tires.

The Turtle Wax Difference:

Experience the difference with Turtle Wax, a trusted name in car care for decades. Our products are formulated with precision and care, ensuring your vehicle gets the best treatment it deserves.

Order the Ultimate Ceramic Protection Kit now and embark on a car care journey that will leave your vehicle shining like never before!




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