Supreme durability

Unlike conventional waxes, Turtle Wax® ICE® Liquid Wax can be applied in direct sunlight on hot surfaces without streaking.  The water based formula can be applied to all exterior rubber, plastic and vinyl trim to restore color and shine without leaving a white residue.  Featuring a breakthrough dirt repellent formula to keep finishes cleaner longer.  

Complete kit includes a custom applicator, microfiber cloth and a 14 oz

Turtle Wax® ICE® Liquid Wax.

Net weight: 1.5
SKU: T468R

    Wash and dry car, and apply a thin, even layer of wax one section at a time.

    Let dry for 1-2 minutes, or longer in cooler temperatures.

    Remove wax with microfiber towel, then buff with a clean towel.

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    • Ice Liquid Polish
      Webb | , Wa. | 5.17.2011
      This is the greatest wawx I have used!!!!! Ilove love this product!!!!! Way to go!!!
    • waxing girl
      just me | swansboro, nc | 5.21.2011
      my favorite line was the emerald series liquid turtle wax. I just ran out of my most treasured product on the market and I have tried numerous polishes and waxes since. I just couldnt find the right one and since I just bought a car I was determined. So I read reviews on the Ice line, I was skeptical at first, but once I saw a picture of a truck that had been waxed with this I couldnt resist. Its a little more expensive than other products, but well worth it in the long run. What use to take me 3 to 4 hours to do only took me about 20 minutes. super easy to put on and take off, the only downside i have read is it doesnt last long but my thoughts are *so what* if it shines better, takes me 1/8 of the time it used to, and takes only about 1 1/2 ounces to do the whole care,i could do this everyday, but im sure it will last longer than that. enjoy!!
    • Happy Customer
      Doloras | , | 6.7.2011
      I just wanted to tell you that I hate waxing my car. I recently purchased your new Ice products for inside and outside the car and I love love them. The inside Ice is much better than Armour All and looks awesome. It doesn't leave any residue either. I also love the outside Ice. My car looks awesome. Just thought you might want to hear from a happy customer. Thank you so much
    • Ice Products
      Scott | , | 6.8.2011
      im going to be perfectly honest with you i never used turtle wax products before you came out with the turtle wax ICE because i thought they were a cheap product.I used the ice product i am amazed never before have iseen anything like this this product ice brings to life things you would have given up on years ago .I think your should promote this through TV ad campaigns and run it for a long time i will certainly tell everyone i know about this amazing product and some people i dont know it is cutting edge
    • Ice Liquid Polish
      Les Sylvester | Stoughton, MA | 6.12.2011
      This is the best and easiest liquid polish I have ever used
    • Mr.
      Biren Oberoi | Fairfield, CA | 6.26.2011
      I applied ICE on my brand new car (dark gray color). I paid extra close attention to the directions on the box to be sure I am applying it correctly. Here's what I did:1. Washed the car with Turtle Car Wash liquid.2. Dried the car with no residual water.3. Waited till all the car surfaces were cooled off so there would the liquid would not dry too quick.4. Applied ICE polish on the applicator pad it came with and then applied it to the entire car. I ended up having to apply more ICE polish on the applicator pad to cover the whole car.5. Then I wiped the excess liquid from the car surface with the provided microfiber towel. I noticed it was leaving streaks as I did that.6. After wiping the excess off the car, I used a new microfiber pad on the rotary buffer to buff the surface to a shine. I did not apply too much pressure. Results: the car was shining real nice when I got done. However, the next morning there was streaking on the front hood and top of the rear trunk lid. Remedial actions:1. I took a clean terry cloth and wiped-off the condensation to prepare the surface for another application of ICE polish.2. After wiping the hood and trunk lid off, I applied ICE polish on the applicator pad (less amount than the night prior) and wiped it onto the two surfaces.3. Then I used the microfiber towel provided (washed, cleaned, and dried after last night's application) and wiped the excess polish off with one quarter portion of the towel.4. Then I flipped to towel to the other quarter (totally dry) and lightly buffed the two surfacesResults: streaking was gone.The Problem NOW: I then traveled 400 miles to South-western CA near Santa Maria, CA, where the temperatures dropped to 54 deg F and there is humidity. I noticed that ALL OVER the car body I have streaking in the same direction I applied the ICE polish on all surfaces, not just the hood and lid of the trunk.I NEED HELP! Can someone from TurtleWax please contact me and help me resolve this issue?Why did the streaking occur in the cold and humid environment?What is the solution? Another car wash and another application? Please let me know.Sincerely,OB
    • synthetic polish
      phil | fairborn, ohio | 7.22.2011
      I used this polish it is one of the best,also i use the spray it's wonderful also.
    • Retired
      Robert | Canonsburg, Penna. | 8.14.2011
      Gentlmen:After polishing/waxing/detailing cars for the past fifty(50)years,I decided to try Ice on a 1988 Black Corvette that I intend to sell.I buffed the car with polishing compound and then I polished it with Ice.Wow is the only response I have received since I finished it last week.I did make a mistake,I should have taken a before and after picture.I have used Ice on the new cars that I have,but there is not a big difference.When I used it on the 1988 Corvette I was just amazed.Ice is an exceptional product.
    • Fantastic Product!
      Larry S | Jacksonville, FL | 8.23.2011
      I've tried the other so-called high-performance, new technology products - with little to no success.I tried Ice only because of the Turtle Wax reputation. I figured it had to be at least as good as the others, and probably better.Was I wrong! It blows everything else out of the water. This stuff is great. I put it on my '99 Expedition and it looks fantastic.I'm sold on it.
    • ICE
      David | , | 9.1.2011
    • Brillant Shine
      Bill | London, Ontario | 9.7.2011
      I tried ICE for the first time last week.It took 20 minutes to do a black Tucson. I was impressed with the ease of use and the shine.It must be good. Even my wife comments on how shiny the paint looks.
    • Interesting Product
      Robert | Forest, VA | 9.11.2011
      This somewhat expensive product goes on easily and leaves quite a slick surface. However, on a light colored vehicle, it's difficult if not impossible to tell where the polish has been applied.It does a nice job bringing black trim to like-new appearance.In this age of environmentally friendly this and that, Ice Polish is over packaged. There is a measuring cup like device attached to the cap of the bottle that serves no apparent purpose. Additional throw away packaging holds the applicator and a micro fiber cloth. The flimsy sponge-like applicator came apart when it snagged on a door handle.It took a while to determine how much product to use.Ice Polish does not clean or remove surface blemishes like some conventional polishes.It will be interesting to see how long the polish lasts as fall approaches.
    • Good Stuff...
      Tom | Gasport, New York | 10.9.2011
      Ice is so easy to use. Apply 2 to 3 coats to get a long lasting protecting finish on your car. The price is actually competitive since you use so little product.
    • ICE
      john | texarkana, tx | 10.11.2011
      holy crap was this stuff easy to use! and holy crap did it make my car shine!!!
    • Great for Stainless Steel!!!
      Laurie | Buffalo, NY | 10.20.2011
      I've been using ICE Total Interior Care for my new stainless steel refrigerator with fantastic results! Gives the surface a smudge-resistant wonderful shine. I'm telling all my friends to try it too. I know it's not advertised for this, but it works great. I was dismayed with the constant fingerprints when I first got my new frig, so I tried ICE, since it said it wouldn't streak glass. It makes the surface soft and smooth. The more I use it the more it resists fingerprints! I just spray it on and buff with a paper towel. Now I use it on all the stainless in my kitchen, and everything has a beautiful GLOW! Thank You, Turtle Wax! You gotta try it...!
    • Best bang for the buck!!!!!!!!!!!
      Montie | Kent, Ohio | 10.31.2011
      This is hands down the best product bang for the buck. Very easy on and easy off. Everything the packaging claims is true!!!!
    • Awesome product
      s | , | 11.4.2011
      Turtle wax Ice Synthetic Liquid Polish is simply awesome. I'm car crazy when it comes to keeping car shinying and feeling silky smooth; however, I'm always willing to try something new.My review is based on usage on three new cars, one purchased five years ago and two purchased the same day a year earlierAll three cars are bright silver in color and the finish is excellent.That said, I think Turtle Wax Ice Synthetic Liquid Polish is the absolute best and simplest to use all around " Miracle Solution " to use on any bright and light colored car paint or clear coat that has a good finish and is in a fairly non hostile environment.When I say good finish, I mean, surface paint or clear coat finish has been taken care of. No rust, No Oxidation, Finish is smooth to touch.When I say non hostile environment, I mean not subjected to following: Ocean salt water, mist, spray ), Salt applied to roads where there's snow, Lots of rain for long periods.If you live in a rather sunny state and it's not overly dusty, then you'll love this product, especially if you keep your vehicle in the garage or covered area.I spent a ton of $$$ on my vehicles and I typically keep my vehicles until they cannot run any more 300,000 or more miles...Following assumes, car has been washed, dried and is free from dust, dirt, etc...That said:01) ICE is clear and has the consistency of Johnson clear baby oil02) I apply in shaded area , typically during cooler times of day morning or evening, though it can be applied in sun on hot days03) I tried applying it in sun on a hot day and it was significantly more difficult to remove it glazed up pretty hard )04) If you apply during cool of day morning or evening it'll never really dry or glaze, it beads up that's how you know it's ready05) I apply to whole vehicle, wait ~ 10-15 minutes afterwards, it won't dry, it'll bead up like drops of water06) Perhaps if I applied less, it would dry and haze, but I don't I apply it liberally to all surfaces, avoiding windows only07) I apply it to sunroof glass, all black trim, chrome finishes, etc... IT DOESN'T"T LEAVE A WHITE RESIDUE08) After 10-15 minutes I wipe complete vehicle down using micro fiber cloths09) Have to wipe complete vehicle once to remove excess I applied, then using another towel or side of cloth, I buff complete vehicle again10) Afterwards it feels so silky smooth, partly because there must be a little residue left no matter how much you wipe11) I love the feel of the vehicles surface and the shine is super brilliant and glossy.12) The protection, contrary to what it says on label appears to last so long as environment isn't harshWhy do I recommend this product cost, EASE OF USE, TIME:1) super easy to apply - whole vehicle, paint, trim, etc... in ~10-15 minuets2) super easy to remove - takes two complete wipes one to remove, one to buff )3) only one product needed for paint, trim rubber & plastic ), lights head & tail ), chrome and it leaves absolutely NO WHITE RESIDUE4) whole process maybe 30-40 minutes maxWhy I wouldn't use it:1) If I wanted long lasting, durable protection that lasted 3-6 months without re-applying again2) I wanted protection against harsh elements Ocean spray, mist, salt from either ocean or snow, lots of rain, etc... )3) I didn't mind spending 2-3 hours waxing & detailing 1-2 hours waxing car, then another 1 hour detailing trim, chrome, etc... )4) As I mentioned earlier ICE can be applied to all exterior surfaces rubber, plastic, door handles, head & tail lights, etc...I've read lots of reviews on numerous sites, and reviews are mixed.1) some love it2) others hate it.I've heard there are issues when using on dark colored finishes. Can't comment, because all vehicles I used it on are Bright SilverI've heard there are issues when using on fiberglass. Can't comment because I don't have anything with fiberglass.I've heard there are issues with feel, it's too greasy, wet, never dries. I don't have problem with that as I wipe vehicles three times1) one to apply all over2) two to remove excess after 10-15 minutes of letting it set until it beads I put a lot on )3) three to buff it so it's really silk smooth and there's no excess residue... It always feels like its wet afterwards, even days later, but I love that wet silky, satin feeling4) contrary to what others have said, I think applying it liberally squirting directly on finish makes it easier to remove. I'm sold on ICE...
    • Simply Amazing
      Anthony | Olive Branch, Ms | 11.16.2011
      This ICE product is simply amazing. I wasn't a believer, but now I'm like WOW,after using the product. So I went a little further with a second coat, the car looked as if it had been repainted.The compliments I get are amazing.
    • Simply Amazing
      Chris | The Colony, TX | 12.8.2011
      Just like it says, shines every thing. I have a 2001 car and it has definitely had abuse over the years, little scratches, and some clear coat fading on the bumper. After applying this it made the clear coat spot much less noticeable, and the scratches almost disappeared. Now I know this wont last forever, but only takes just a tiny bit to cover the car and is easy to apply, so I would definitely recommend this if you like to wash your car regularly and don't mind spending an extra 15-20 mins to make it look great.
    • Best All Purpose Polish
      Will | , | 12.11.2011
      I bought your "Ice Synthetic Polish" and had to say that it is the best all purpose polish I've ever used. It works great on the Black Trim and Plastic without the white haze, just as advertised. My only problem is this wax is so slick that the door handle on my door slips right out of my hand, If this makes my paint and polished surfaces that slick I can imagine that dirt and other road grime will just come right off on the next car wash. This product is great!
    • Great shine
      Gary | Indians, | 1.28.2012
      I used carnauba wax, then put the Ice polish on. Wow. Best shine I ever saw. Corvette Lemans blue.
    • Ice Polish and Wash
      James | Naples, Florida | 2.20.2012
      I was a 25 year user of "the Wax Shop" wax however it is no longer being made and I've tried several different waxes since then and not happy with any of them. I finally bought some Turtle Wax Ice Liquid Polish and the same Car Wash and I have to admit that this is the very best wash and wax that I have ever used and trust me I am very particular about how my car looks. The wash eliminates water spots and the Ice Liquid Polish goes on so easy and comes off so easy its incredible and the shine is also incredible. I am sold, thanks for making some great products, its by far the best out there in my opinion!
    • Great Product
      Glenn | Toms River, New Jersey | 4.1.2012
      Just as advertised, went on easy and came off just as easy leaving a nice shine. Worked on the black plastic mirrors without any residue.
    • nice
      Robert | FT Leonard wood, mo | 4.24.2012
      Just picked up the new Ice. Saw the new box and new bottle. Thought was same old stuff but the liquid was white. Says new resins. What ever. Stuff finally work right. About time, new you guys could do it.
    • Freakin' Awesome
      Michael | Old Hickory , Tennessee | 4.26.2012
      I just bought ICE from my parts supplier last week and applied it to my 1964 Galaxie 500. It was extremely easy to deal with, and shines better than any wax I have ever used. I took my ride to a drive in car show and people were amazed at the shine. I would recommend this polish to anyone with a car or motorcycle ranging from daily drivers to show cars. I was leery at the price,(17.99) but it's well worth it, as I have polished 3 other cars with it and the use hasn't even dropped to the top of the bottle's front sticker! This bottle will last for quite some time. Way to go Turtle Wax!!
    • Sales Associate
      Jim | Nashville, Tennessee | 6.10.2012
      Have just used the new Turtle Wax Ice car wash. All I can say is WOW! What a great car wash. I was amazed at how well it worked and how good it looks. I don't know if I am even going to use the Ice Car Polish I bought. The cars look that good.
    • misc
      scott | channahon, il | 6.12.2012
      I use the detailer on my appliances, they are black and a pain to keep lookin great. But with the spray detailer, looks great!
    • The Turtle Does It Again!
      R. Urie | Lexington, KY | 6.17.2012
      Just when I thought Turtle Wax couldn't improve its car waxes, the Ice Wax exceeds all others. Easy to apply, easy to polish it's shine & durability are outstanding. It not only shines the car body metal, the rubber & plastic pieces, it shines the glass windows. I even clean all my glass inside my home with the polish. The wife said it is the best glass cleaner she has used!
    • One of the best i have used
      Robert jackson | Hanover, Michigan | 6.23.2012
      Turtle Wax Ice Liquid Wax is one of the best waxes I have used. It is easy to apply and take right off compared to the older oil-based Ice Polish. Even when there is some humidity, it comes off much easier.
    • Ice wax is great
      Robert Cusick | Budd Lake, New Jersey | 6.24.2012
      Just waxed my GMC Acadia, is the fastest and best wax job I have ever done didn't need to use the electric buffer. Great product!
    • Impressed!
      Michael | Socorro, New Mexico | 7.15.2012
      I used the original Turtle Wax Ice Clay Bar Kit prior to applying Turtle Wax Ice Premium Care. The shine has lasted six months to date. Water still beads up. The product was subjected to 115 degree weather, 5 pressure washings, and mudbogging, and 90mph in the rain on a closed race track. I will gladly continue use of the product.
    • Brilliant
      Walt | forest lake, QLD | 10.14.2012
      I've tried every product for many years. The simplicity of application (sponge it on, set for five minutes, wipe easily with a cloth) means it gets used more often. Gloss is easily as good as the best conventional waxes and polishes. I also use it on the black plastic trim, that it keeps looking just like new for 3 years now. I can't recommend this product enough.
    • exceeds expectations
      Brooke C | North Plains, Oregon | 10.25.2012
      I am loving that this liquid wax actually does and goes beyond what the label states. My car is instantly beautiful. It looks better than ever. Easy to apply, taking very little time to complete the car, the shine is so reflective it is a mirror, I have gotten so excited about it I bring people out to my car to see, and it stays so clean.
    • What a disappointment
      Jeff | Alb, NM | 12.26.2012
      I've been using Turtle Ice products for nearly 6 years now and i was extremely disappointed in this product. The foam pad applicator is so tiny, it slips out of my hands several times during it’s use, my hand even began to cramp up, their bigger foam pad they used to provide was perfect! What were they thinking cutting corners! The product doesn't seem to provide the same high deep gloss shine as their previous product, “the ice liquid polish”, which I’m very sad to hear it been replaced with this product. This new product is not easy to wipe on and wipe off compared to the Ice liquid polish. The formula is thicker and requires more product use to cover an area unlike their old products, which the application was a breeze and glides on as easy as it wipes off. The bottle is also a poor design; the cap dispenser hole for the wax to pour out of is way too big! Every time i was applying the product to the foam pad, it just poured out so quickly and at large amounts, it just got all over the place, the floor, my hand, it’s a flat out mess! By the time I finished the entire car, half the bottle was empty!! What a joke! One of the main reasons I purchased this new product is because it claims to “repel dust” and the only downfall to the liquid polish is that it attracts dust, like many wax products tend to do, but easy to get used to it. So I was interested in trying this, well soon to find out, it doesn't repel dirt and dust that well. After the wax with this product, I took my car for a drive in dry, no wind weather, came home ran a white microfiber towel across the side of my car, and the towel was covered in black dust, wow………. As a customer who has tried many brands and fell in love with Ice products and whom ONLY buys Ice turtle products, i was very very disappointed in this new product so much. I highly recommend if you can find the Ice liquid polish, buy it and use that instead! That Ice liquid polish was the most impressive product they had ever produced, the shine, the gloss, the application was a God Send!! I had never had so many people ask me “wow how do you get your car so shiny, so smooth, so glossy! etc” and I tell them “Ice liquid polish, get and use it!” I hope they bring that back to production and scrap this product.P.STheir other product, also no longer in production, the Liquid clay bar was also an incredible product, wow I highly recommend if you can find that as well, buy it.
    • Right tool for the exterior
      Troy | Wetumpka, AL | 12.30.2012
      I normally don't take the time to review products but am compelled to make an exception. I am very picky about the type of wax I use on my classic car. I saw Turtle Wax's Ice wax on the shelf and decided to give it a shot. It has far exceeded my expectations and performs better than the high dollar stuff I was using previously. I am amazed at the color depth of my car's paint. Depth that I haven't seen in quite some time. I also am amazed at how long the protection lasts. It seems to hold up for a long time in the cold and hot temperatures and during bouts of rain. Bugs and road debris wash off the finish easily and most importantly, the finish looks great! Its also easy to apply and smells good too. I will be using this product on all of my vehicles from here on out and will pass the word on to my family of picky vehicle owners. Let's face it, this wax is a bargain. If you want to keep your vehicles for long time, maintain its finish just like you would its engine and interior. Ice premium wax is the right tool for the exterior.
    • Turtlee Wax Liquid Ice
      Billy Cox | Tucson, Ariz. | 2.15.2013
      Works great in sunlight. Goes on easy and comes off easy.
    • not the same
      Louis Davis | olney, illinois | 2.28.2013
      Turtle Wax 16Oz Ice Liquid Wax T468 is the good stuff. why did you change it?
    • Best Wax I Have EVER Used
      Frank M | , | 4.7.2013
      I have been a certifiable car nut my entire life and have been detailing and waxing my cars for over 40 years and NEVER have used anything so easy with such an amazing result. It applies easily, no worry about getting residual wax on trim or rubber, it works on it as well. No time consuming work to get crevice build-up off of emblems and edges. This product shines like you just added a couple of coats of clear coat to your car. Simple to use and repels dust and dirt. When the car gets dirty I just wipe the car down with a wet rag and dry it. This is the best product on the market, go buy a bottle and get blown away with the results. I have waxed four of my cars and still have 1/3 of the bottle left. I am hooked. Thanks Turtle Wax, I am a believer.
    • Liquid Ice
      Micheal Boulet | Port Morien, Nova Scotia, Canada | 5.6.2013
    • Good on black car
      jim | holland, ohio | 6.18.2013
      Was recommended by a neighbor with a black show car. Easy on, easy off on my black Miata.  No residue, a little oily on car but nice shine when complete.
    • Clear in a bottle
      Paul | Plainfield, Ill | 6.24.2013
      This wax may not be the easiest stuff to use, but it's like painting your car with a new coat of clear. The old Ice,your very first attempt, was not so good. Your new reformulated Ice, well let's just say it will be the only wax to touch the finish on my cars and trucks.
    • ice hard to wipe off
      James R Lofquist | hugo , mn | 8.16.2013
      I'm now on my 5th hour trying to wipe of the turtle wax ice product. It just keeps smearing. My car 2010 chevy impala Weather is 78 no rain clear nice day my arms are getting sore followed instructions to the tee.
    • I LOVE ICE
      Marty R | Davie, FL | 8.18.2013
      Two years in the Florida sunshine and my Elantra looks as new as the day she drove off the factory floor. Well worth the extra expense. I have waxed Graycee on a monthly basis and after two years only now have to buy a new bottle. I have trusted Turtle Wax for 40+ years for ALL my vehicles.
    • Matte paint best friend
      Bayu Pratama | , | 8.18.2013
      Everyone knew that matte paint is a PITA to maintain.I've been browsing through every aisle on the automotive section for any off-the-shelf matte paint wax and not even a single one dare to advertise themselves a good wax for flat paint beside the TurtleWax ICE Wax.After applying, the ICE Wax makes the matte black paint looking darker with a bit of oily reflective under light, without turning the paint glossy.Any matte paint owner should own the ICE Wax.
    • Love It!!!!!
      Darcy | Tacoma, WA | 9.14.2013
      Well I was told by my brother this stuff was awesome and I just got a new car so wanted to give it a try. Happen to go to target and they had it on Clearance for only 4.31 so picked it up gotta say the best money ever spent really brought out the shine.I did read the reviews before I got it saw some negative but not too many sure glad I took a gamble would definitely recommend this product.
    • amazing wax
      John A | New Bern, NC | 4.13.2014
      My last bottle lasted me 4 years. This wax is absolutely amazing for covering up scratches too. Not the same as the ice spray, which is incomparable to this liquid wax. Very easy to apply and polish. I highly recommend the ice liquid for all good paint that has the ability to look like ice!