Plush Car Drying Towel

  • Generous 20” x 24” size
  • 1100 GSM
  • 70% Polyester / 30% Polyamide
  • Long twist loop fabric
  • Hemmed “hidden” edge

  • Generous 20” x 24” size
  • 1100 GSM
  • 70% Polyester / 30% Polyamide
  • Long twist loop fabric
  • Hemmed “hidden” edge

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When we say plush, we mean it. At 1,100 GSM, this premium car drying towel is substantial and thirsty, making it possibly the best car drying towel available. The twist loop material, a 70/30 blend of polyester and polyamide, glides effortlessly and gently across your wet car’s clear coat, absorbing every drop of water in its path. Just one super absorbent towel can dry your entire car or truck and then some. Meanwhile, the hemmed “hidden” edge is one of those extra details that ensures scratch-free performance, wash after wash.

The extra-dense weave protects against unraveling, even if you happen to snag a loop while drying. Just snip the loose thread, and the towel will be good as new.

Try it yourself and you’ll see. This is one of the best car wash drying towels on the market.

How To Use It

Step 1

To dry a freshly washed and rinsed car, fold the plush drying towel into quarters.

Step 2

Start with the roof and work your way down, drying one 2’ x 2’ panel at a time.

Step 3

As one side of the towel begins to feel saturated, turn or fold the towel to a clean, dry side and continue drying your car.

Step 4

If you drop the towel, stop using it until it can be laundered and dried. Switch to a fresh, clean towel.

Step 5

Once you’ve finished drying your car, machine wash the towel on warm and dry on low. See complete care instructions on the label.


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