Save your leather in a few easy steps


A little known fact about light colored leather seats is that rubbing against blue jeans very easily stains them. If you’re reading this, you have probably already fallen victim to what is known as “dye transfer.”


Follow these tips to safely get those stains off of your seats and to avoid making the problem worse.


While we’d like to be able to offer a home remedy for jean stains on leather, the only safe way to remove these stains is by using a leather cleaner, such as Turtle Wax® Renew Rx Luxe Leather Deep Cleaning Interior Kit which is an advanced cleaning system that includes a rich 2-in-1 Leather Cleaning & Conditioning Lotion with powerful Stain Erasers.


1.  Shake well and squeeze Leather Cleaning & Conditioning Lotion onto Stain Eraser.  Apply directly to heavily soiled areas, cleaning one section at a time.  Keep Stain Eraser lubricated with lotion to properly treat leather surfaces.


2.  Use a gentle overlapping, circular motion for uniform cleaning.  Let the Stain Eraser do the work, no need for harsh scrubbing.


3.  Immediately wipe dry with a soft cloth.



PRO TIP: Turtle Wax® Renew Rx Luxe Leather Deep Cleaning Interior Kit can also be used on other problem areas such as seat backs, door panels and kick plates.  For routine maintenance, use Leather Cleaning & Conditioning Lotion with a microfiber towel for routine maintenance to help clean, moisturize and protect leather from drying, fading and cracking.


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