How To Clean Car Windows & Glass

Automotive glass can be difficult to clean compared to household glass surfaces. Automotive windows are regularly exposed to contaminants. The exterior is subject to bugs, grease, road oils, salts, dirt and tree sap. The interior is subject to smoke, pet slobber, dirt, grease and finger prints. Turtle Wax Quick & Easy Dash & Glass makes is easy to clean both the exterior and interior of auto glass without the worry of overspray on other components of the car. Turtle Wax Quick & Easy Dash & Glass will provide superior cleaning with U.V. protection to prevent automotive glass fading. To clean the windshield and passenger windows spray Dash & Glass directly on the glass and wipe dry with a microfiber towel. If the towel becomes too wet with product, switch to a clean fresh towel. If streak-free glass is difficult to achieve due to temperature and surface contaminants dampen a clean microfiber towel with water. Then, apply three sprays of Dash & Glass onto the damp microfiber towel and apply to the glass. Use a second, dry microfiber towel to dry the area.

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