Turtle Wax Quick & Easy Clean And Shine Total Exterior Detailer


SKU/MPN: 53033

Barcode: 5010322530333

2-in-one formulation cleans and waxes without the need for water.

  • 1-Step formula removes light dust and dirt from multiple surfaces
  • Dirt-locking polymer technology encapsulates the dirt and grime for a scratch-free clean
  • Wax enriched for shiny, protective finish on all clear coats and metallic paintwork

Step 1

If vehicle has caked on mud or soil rinse with a hose first. Use product to spot clean and remove stains and stubborn soils with a microfiber cloth.

Step 2

Then clean one section at a time, starting with the upper exterior surfaces and exterior glass first.

Step 3

Remove with a clean, dry microfiber cloth. Repeat process for entire vehicle making sure to cover all paint, wheels and trim.

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