Turtle Wax Metallic Car Wax + PTFE


SKU/MPN: 52653

Barcode: 5010322782190

The perfect wax for metallic finishes, with added PTFE for durability.

  • Ultra-fine polishing agents and waxes clean and enhance paintwork.
  • Using added fluro-polymers (PTFE) designed for outstanding durability.
  • Easy to use formula requires no hard buffing and leaves no smears or streaks.

Step 1

Ensure paintwork is clean and dry.

Step 2

Shake bottle well. Working on one panel at a time, pour a small amount of wax onto a clean cloth and apply using an overlapping circular motion.

Step 3

Allow to dry to a haze, then wipe off using a clean soft cloth. Buff lightly to bring out the shine.

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