Why Is Graphene Spray Wax So Good?


In this article you will learn:

  • What makes graphene wax so special

  • The differences between graphene oxide and genuine graphene

  • The advantages of a graphene wax over traditional car waxes and ceramic coatings

As the technology inside our cars continues to advance, so do the products we use to protect them. From traditional carnauba waxes, to paint sealants, to hybrid ceramic waxes, the protection we’re able to afford our cars has grown exponentially, allowing our vehicles withstand more harsh, environmental factors while still maintaining a flawless finish. Now, this trend continues with the introduction of graphene: the strongest chemical compound known to science.

What is graphene? Imagine a material 200 times stronger than steel but far more flexible than rubber or steel. So thin in its pure form, just 1-3 grams of graphene is enough to create a sheet that could cover three football fields! When this polymer is infused with ceramics and carnauba wax, it creates a protective coating unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, with unprecedented strength, durability and an incredible, eye-popping shine!

In this guide, we’ll get into the specifics of what makes graphene so special, and why you should consider using a graphene solution for your next detailing session!

One atom thick

Because graphene is such a tough substance, one atom thickness of graphene is transparent and all that is needed in order to deliver a strength of protection beyond anything ceramics or even paint sealants can provide. Once graphene has been separated into its individual platelets, it can be spread into a nearly invisible layer over the surface of your car to form an extremely tight web of protection. Graphene platelets are prone to attach to themselves and to other protective polymers, so once the solvents in your car wax begin to evaporate, these polymers and graphene link together to bond to the exterior car surfaces to create a denser and more durable shield at the molecular level.

The result is a spectacular, long-lasting wax with improved strength, thermal conductivity and chemical resistance. Not only is graphene less prone to streaks and water spotting, but it also dissipates heat from the sun far more effectively than ceramics or traditional carnauba wax to prevent hotspots on your vehicle's paintwork. These features make leaps and bounds of improvement to the preexisting car wax formula, bringing about a level of protection even more advanced than the former frontier of ceramics.

With less UV rays penetrating your paintwork, your vehicle’s depth of color and gloss will stay fresh months before needing your first touch-up. And, because graphene is such a small substance, we can use it in conjunction with ceramics and carnauba wax in order to get the combined benefits of each. Now you can enjoy the hydrophobicity of ceramics, the breathtaking shine of carnauba wax and the enhanced durability of graphene, all packed into one incredible formula!

hybrid solutions pro flex wax

So, what about oxides?

Now that you know the benefits of graphene, you may be eager to get your hands on a graphene spray wax. But not all graphene solutions are created equally. Some waxes contain graphene oxide, while other contain genuine graphene. The difference between the two is much greater than you think. Graphene oxides do not possess all of the chemical and desirable properties of graphene.

Graphene Oxide added directly to the car wax solution, causes the graphene oxide to separate from the rest of the formula and settle to the bottom of the mixture. That's why if you buy a car wax that contains graphene oxides, the label will advise you to shake the bottle before applying this product to your car in an attempt to get these oxides more evenly distributed.

However, the presence of graphene oxide in car wax produces a black liquid, similar to the color of pencil lead, that stains your towels and makes for a less transparent finish. The protective layer it leaves behind isn’t nearly as uniform as a car wax solution infused with genuine graphene, nor does it produce the same pristine, showroom quality. That’s why it’s important to read the product label to make sure you’re getting the right ingredients.

Our Turtle Wax graphene solutions, like Hybrid Solutions PRO Flex Wax, have been developed using a special, patent pending process called sheer stabilization. This process allows us to separate genuine graphene into its individual platelets and keep it suspended to prevent our car wax solutions from separating in the bottle. The result is a smooth, transparent, uniform finish that gives you professional-grade results, every time.

graphene oxide

The bottom line

If you’re going to spend 45 minutes washing and waxing your car, why not use a product that will help you create results you can be proud of? That’s the beauty of a graphene spray wax. Not only are spray waxes easy to use, but with the addition of graphene polymers to our Hybrid Solutions formula, the result will last much longer with a product that’s much more flexible and easier to work with. Just prep your finish with a car wash like M.A.X. Power Wash and a clay bar and you’re free to use a graphene spray wax however you want to achieve a deep, cloud-reflecting finish!

hybrid solutions pro flex wax


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