top best car interior plastic cleaner by reviews

Top-Rated Best Car Interior Plastic Cleaner by Reviews

In this article, you will learn:

  • The four best car interior plastic cleaner sprays from Turtle Wax

  • What makes each of these cleaners unique

  • How to clean and disinfect your car interior quickly and easily

In the 75-year history of Turtle Wax, the car care business has seen countless cleaners come and go, but we’re proud to say our current line of products is the best it’s ever been. And, when it comes to interior cleaning sprays, we have four heavy hitters that customers love. Each is a little unique from the others, so choosing the right cleaner for car interiors comes down to personal preference.

Without further ado, let’s get to the product recommendations.

Hybrid Solutions Streak-Free Mist Interior Detailer

The Hybrid Solutions Streak-Free Mist Interior Detailer is what you get when you combine an ultra-premium car cleaning spray with innovative spray technology. You can use it to clean any non-porous surface inside your car, from plastic to glass. It breaks down oils, soils, dust and stains on contact so you can wipe them away in no time for a sparkling clean, streak-free, no-residue finish.

The breakthrough Flairosol bottle sprays a fine, even mist for consistent coverage as you hold down the trigger. This means you can either apply it to your cleaning cloth first and then wipe or spray it directly onto the surface you’re cleaning. No worries about splashing, overspray or inconsistent coverage.

And there’s one added bonus: Odor-X deodorizing technology! After you clean your car interior with Hybrid Solutions Streak-Free Mist, this odor-destroying action will keep working to eliminate new odors for up to 30 days!

Dash & Glass Interior Detailer

Dash & Glass Interior Detailer is another high-performance option for all the nonporous and semi-porous surfaces on the interior of your car – hard and soft plastics, glass, even leather seats! It’s formulated with Clearvue Technology, which helps lift soils directly up into your cleaning cloth as you wipe, so you never smear it across the surfaces you clean.

The streak-free finish and light, foaming action of this formula make it the only cleaner you’ll need for all non-fabric surfaces in your car, even vertical surfaces, like touchscreens, instrument clusters and windows. Dash & Glass leaves no hazy or oily residue, but it does leave behind a layer of UV protection to help your car interior resist the effects of the beating sun.

dash and glass interior detailer

Fresh Clean All-Surface Cleaner

Fresh Clean All-Surface Cleaner delivers heavy-duty cleaning action and deodorizing power inside your car. Removing the toughest stains, spills and soils from all washable surfaces, it’s ideal for drivers with kids or pets or those who eat and drink in their cars.

Thanks to advanced Odor-X technology, Fresh Clean permanently destroys odors on all surfaces, continues working to destroy new odors and leaves a refreshing scent for up to 30 days.

There’s a perfectly good reason why we call it Fresh Clean. Care to guess?

fresh clean all-surface cleaner

Multi-Purpose Cleaner & Disinfectant Spray

Of all the areas you frequent – home, work, school, public spaces, etc. – most are likely cleaned and disinfected more frequently than the inside of your car. Think about it. When was the last time you disinfected your car interior? Now, think about all the surfaces you touch and how much time you spend inside your car. That’s a lot of potential exposure to germs.

That’s why our Multi-Purpose Cleaner & Disinfectant Spray made the list of top interior cleaners. Specifically formulated to treat the interior surfaces of cars and trucks, this cleaning, disinfecting spray works without bleach or alcohol, which can dry out plastics and leave them vulnerable to damage from temperature extremes and UV rays.

This EPA-registered disinfectant spray kills over 99.9% of germs. Moreover, it keeps surfaces sanitized for a full 24 hours with only one application.

multi-purpose cleaner & disinfectant spray

How to clean your car interior

If you’re using Dash & Glass or Fresh Clean, spray either solution generously onto a clean, dry, folded microfiber cloth and wipe across any washable, interior surface of your car. Flip the cloth to a clean side and wipe dry. Pay particular attention to high-touch areas that collect fingerprints and oils from your skin or areas that may be prone to spills and stains, such as your center console and cup holders.

If you’re using Hybrid Solutions Streak-Free Mist Interior Detailer, you can choose to spray your cleaning cloth and wipe the surface as described above. Or you can take advantage of the precisely controlled, consistent misting action of the Flairosol sprayer and apply the cleaner directly onto the surface. Hold down the trigger and cover the entire surface. Then, just wipe clean with a folded microfiber towel.

How to clean and disinfect your car interior

To clean using Multi-Purpose Cleaner & Disinfectant Spray, spray the solution generously onto a folded microfiber towel and wipe all interior surfaces clean and dry, switching to a clean side or even a fresh towel when necessary. Pay particular attention to high-touch areas.

To disinfect, spray the product directly onto the surface until it’s thoroughly wet. Allow the product to dwell according to the contact times listed on the label. The surface should remain wet the entire time. Wipe dry when the appropriate time has elapsed. Do not rinse.


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