The Why & How of Car Paint Sealants


In this article you will learn:

  • How paint sealants protect your car exterior

  • How paint sealants differ from traditional car waxes

  • The best way to maintain your car’s sealant coating

Everyone wants that showroom paint job to last. Car waxes do a great job of protecting your vehicle against light scratches and swirls, but they tend to wear out in a couple of months depending on the type of wax. That’s where a car paint sealant comes in.

Paint sealants are much more durable protective coatings you can apply to your car to protect against harsh environmental factors like UV rays from the sun, acid rain and flying debris on the highway. How exactly do these sealants work, and how do you know whether to choose a wax or a sealant to protect your vehicle? In this guide, we dive deep into the science behind paint sealants to answer all these questions and more!

The power of polymers

A car sealant is mostly comprised of synthetic polymers: man-made chemical compounds that, when linked together, form a very tight web of protection across your vehicle. When dirt or other contaminants land on your car, the paint sealant prevents them from degrading or even bonding with your clear coat and car paint.

Many of our paint sealants feature silicon dioxide polymers. These ceramic-infused formulas create a tough, hydrophobic shield that resists damage from the sun and can withstand more abrasion than waxes or typical polymers. And, unlike standard car wax, most paint sealer products provide at least 12 months of protection for your vehicle before you’ll need to reapply them. So, as you can see, these synthetic polymer solutions pack a powerful punch!

While most professional paint sealants can be difficult for beginners to apply and take up to 72 hours to cure, there are plenty of user-friendly paint sealants on the market, like Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Spray Coating, that are easy to use and only take 24 hours to cure.

the power of polymers

Car wax vs. Paint sealants

If car wax and paint sealants both protect your vehicle, what’s the difference between waxes and sealants? For one thing, paint sealants last for a long time, much longer than a traditional wax. These polymers are specially formulated to withstand lots of abuse to prevent damage to your vehicle. On the other hand, a good carnauba wax offers much more limited protection, but creates a more intense, high-gloss shine. Many auto enthusiasts prefer car wax to paint sealants because they want that visual “wow” factor more than they want lasting protection. But because car wax wears away in 1-3 months, they need to apply it often to keep up that gloss and protection.

That’s the beauty of a hybrid wax, one that combines your natural wax with silicon dioxide polymers. This type of formula gives you all the protection of a paint sealant, and the cloud-reflecting finish of traditional car wax. Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Wet Wax and Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Spray Coating are both examples of a synthetic car wax.

car wax vs. paint sealants

Introducing graphene

Nowadays, many synthetic car waxes and paint sealants have begun to add graphene to their formulas, changing the game for both professional and at-home detailers. What is graphene? Only the strongest material known to man.

Graphene is a hexagonal lattice of carbon atoms, all linked together to form an incredibly thin, yet robust protective coating that repels harsh UV rays, chemical erosion, oxidation, scratches, swirls... the list goes on. It’s 200 times stronger than steel, so imagine the strength it must have as a paint sealant!

Ceramic waxes and sealants enhanced with graphene like Hybrid Solutions Pro Flex Wax and Hybrid Solutions Pro to the Max Wax give you the outstanding shine of carnauba wax, the protective performance of silicone polymers and the unparalleled durability of graphene to provide the most protection and shine you can find. If you’re looking to create the ultimate finish that will last for months and months, then a graphene-infused synthetic wax is the product for you.

introducing graphene

Maintenance is key

Of course, it may be tempting to skip the car wash and quarterly waxing sessions after laying down your paint sealant, but it’s important to continue the upkeep of your vehicle to protect your paint and make that sealant last! If dirt and stains are allowed to dwell on your paint sealant, all that incredible protection will wear away far more quickly and easily, causing all your hard work to go to waste. Continue to touch up your sealant with a spray wax like Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Wash & Wax to get the most durability and shine out of that protective coating. Your car will thank you for the effort!

maintenance is key


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