Top Microfiber Pad to Use When Polishing Your Car


In this article you will learn:

  • Why microfiber is an excellent choice for polishing pads

  • The best microfiber pad for buffing and polishing your car

  • How to simplify your paint correction using a microfiber finishing pad

We tend to think of microfiber as a gentle, plush material that’s great for washing and detailing our cars. But microfiber can also be tough and durable, and, to many car owners’ surprise, it’s great for polishing, too.

Many professional detailers actually prefer microfiber pads over foam or wool polishing pads because they get the job done quicker while creating a smoother, glossier finish. Each pad is made up of millions of tiny, individual fibers that pick up and deliver more polish to the clear coat for a more efficient cut and more precise polishing action. Given all these amazing benefits, it’s no wonder microfiber pads are considered the superior choice for buffing and polishing.

Of course, even the best pads only perform at the top of their game when they’re sourced from the highest quality materials and specially crafted for peak performance. So, whether you’re new to detailing or you’re a professional looking to upgrade your arsenal, we recommend our Hybrid Solutions 50/50 Microfiber Pad for buffing and polishing your car. Not only is it the best microfiber pad on the market, but, thanks to its innovative design, it’s the only pad you’ll ever need on your shelf!

What makes this microfiber cutting pad the best? Here are some of the features that have put the 50/50 Pad on top:

It’s a multi-tasker

The 50/50 Pad is unique because you can use it to cut, polish and finish your paint, so you won’t need a handful of other pads correct and restore your finish.

Most pads are built to perform at just one level of intensity. For instance, heavy-duty pads work best with more aggressive compounds to remove deeper scratches from the finish, while light-duty pads provide a much gentler cut and pair well with fine-grit polishes to smooth light, surface imperfections. That’s why many professional detailers have a complete set of cutting and buffing pads so they can switch between pads to correct scratches, swirls, oxidation and paint transfer of varying severities.

Simplifying the choices, the design of our Hybrid Solutions 50/50 Microfiber Pad, with two different, high quality microfiber blends, allows it to perform multiple jobs all on its own! Stiff, low-pile fibers provide a heavier cut to remove light to moderate scratches from the finish, while gentler, high-pile fibers buff and polish the clear coat to a deep, mirror-like shine. So, once you’ve removed those deeper scratches and swirls from the clear coat, the 50/50 Pad will also smooth any abrasions left behind by the low-pile fibers and polish your paintwork to perfection.

hybrid solutions pro 1 & done polish

It’s machine compatible

The Hybrid Solutions 50/50 Microfiber Pad is also machine compatible, meaning you can use it buff and polish your paintwork much faster than polishing by hand. Machine polishers are not only more convenient, they're also much more consistent, meaning they create a much smoother and more even finish.

We recommend using this pad with a dual action polisher. Keep in mind that microfiber pads cut harder than foam pads, so try not to hover too long over the same spot. A good rule of thumb is to polish for one second per square inch. You can always return to a spot later if it requires another round of paint correction.

Also, be sure not to apply too much pressure to your polishing pad. Doing so can create too much friction between your pad and the paint surface, which can cause damage to the clear coat. Instead, allow the weight of the polisher to do the work for you to achieve that flawless, showroom look!

hybrid solutions pro 1 & done polish

It simplifies your paint restoration

If you’re looking for ways to simplify the paint restoration process, then this microfiber pad is for you. Instead of switching between multiple pads and compounds to cut, buff and polish your paintwork, you can just pick up a few 50/50 Pads and our Hybrid Solutions 1 & Done Compound to save time in your detailing routine!

Like the 50/50 Pad, our Hybrid Solutions PRO 1 & Done Compound is adjustable, allowing you to complete a heavy-duty cut or a fine polish depending on which pad you use. Combining it with our 50/50 Pad, you can easily erase moderate scratches, fine lines and swirls, then switch to a fresh 50/50 Pad to buff out and polish your finish to a sleek, cloud-reflecting shine!

Not only does this neat trick simplify your paint correction, but it also simplifies your detailing kit, allowing you to complete three different steps with just one pad and polish! Now, if that’s not impressive, we don’t know what is.

Whether you need a pad or a polish, Turtle Wax has the best products and tools to get the job done.

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