Learn How To Get Your Windshield Super Clean


In this article, you will learn:

  • How to clean both sides of your windshield for maximum clarity

  • How to use a clay bar and polish to deep clean your auto glass

  • How to keep your windshield cleaner than you thought possible

Of all the exterior surfaces on your car, no area works harder or performs a more critical role than your windshield. Every mile you drive, whether it’s at 20 miles an hour or 70 miles an hour, your windshield takes a beating from gravel, bugs, dirt and dust, road debris, ice and hail…the list goes on and on. And, in spite of all that, your windshield might just be the most important safety feature on your car. Keeping it clean should be a top priority, not only for aesthetics, but for your safety.

So how do you get your windshield so clean you could eat off it? Read on, because we’re about to share some tips you’ve probably never heard before.

Cleaning is just the beginning

The first step to a super clean windshield, of course, is to clean it, but that’s only the first step. Use an automotive glass cleaner like Dash & Glass or a high-performance car wash soap like M.A.X. Power to remove all the visible soils and contaminants from the outside of your windshield. Follow the product instructions on the back of the bottle to clean your auto glass. No matter if you choose a glass spray or a car wash soap, be sure it leaves no residue on your windshield. Now, this is when things get interesting!

dash & glass interior detailer

Break out the clay bar

When detailing your car, professionals use a clay bar and lubricant to remove embedded contaminants from the clear coat on your paint. These same clay bars work great for cleaning windows, removing all the contaminants that are too stubborn for a simple car wash.

You’ll use the same process on glass that you would on paint. Remove the clay bar from the package and break it into two halves. Return one half to the package to keep it clean. Then, flatten the other half into the shape of a disk about as wide as the length of your fingers. Spray one side of the bar and a 2’ x 2’ area of the windshield exterior with a clay bar lubricant like Slick ‘n’ Slide Spray Lubricant. Wipe the clay bar over the lubricated glass in side-to-side or up-and-down movements. Wipe away any remaining lubricant with a microfiber cloth.

As the bar picks up contaminants, fold and knead the bar. Keep working in 2’ x 2’ sections until you’ve finished the entire windshield exterior. If you like, you can go the extra mile and give your rear window the same treatment!

Polish, polish, polish

This is yet another pro secret to make your windshield absolutely sparkle. That polish you use to remove scratches and oxidation from your car’s clear coat works well to create an incredibly smooth, clean glass surface. Don’t worry. It won’t scratch your glass! Car glass is far more scratch-resistant than your clear coat. Using a product like Hybrid Solutions Pro 1 & Done Polishing Compound will only improve the condition of your windshield.

Apply a small amount of polish to an applicator pad, a microfiber cloth or a mechanical polisher and work in 2’ x 2’ sections of your windshield. Wipe away any remaining polish with a clean microfiber cloth. Once you’ve polished the entire exterior surface, clean the windshield exterior one more time using an automotive window cleaner and a clean microfiber cloth, just to ensure that you’ve removed any residual polish or lubricant.


Keep it clean

Once the exterior of your windshield is super clean, add a water-repellant spray that’s formulated for auto glass. You can use a specialized product, or, for longer lasting water-repelling action, use a crystal-clear spray wax like our Hybrid Solutions Pro Flex Wax. Just spray it evenly across the outside of your windshield and wipe it across the glass with a clean microfiber cloth. Turn the cloth to a clean side and wipe your auto glass to a crystal-clear finish.

Pro Tip: Once you finish applying the water-repellant coating, wipe the blades of your windshield wipers with the same microfiber cloth. By using a cloth that’s lightly saturated with wax, you’ll clean the wiper blades and, at the same time, help them glide more smoothly and cleanly across the glass.

hybrid solutions pro flex wax

And lastly, the interior

Once your windshield exterior is clean, polished and protected, it’s time to finish your glass on the inside. Using a clean microfiber that’s specifically designed for glass and a spray cleaner formulated for auto glass, clean the interior of your windshield. To avoid overspray on your dash or inside your car, mist your towel, not the glass, outside the car and use it to apply the cleaner directly onto the glass. Then, we recommend using a second, glass-specific microfiber cloth to wipe down the entire inside of the windshield again, just to make sure you leave no residue on the glass. Don’t apply any water-repellant coating to the inside of your windshield.

Follow this pro-level process and your windshield will look cleaner than it did the day you bought your car. Not only that, but your glass will stay cleaner for longer, thanks to that incredible wax coating!

dash & glass interior detailer


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