How To Quickly Wash & Dry Your Car Mats


In this article you will learn:

  • The quickest way to wash and dry your floor mats

  • Which cleaners work best on rubber or synthetic floor mats

  • Pro tips and tricks for easy, on-the-go cleaning

With all the foot traffic that takes place inside your car, it’s no wonder your floor mats are so quick to get dirty after you clean! Getting rid of those tough stains and soils can be a real hassle, and, with your busy schedule, you may not have the time for a deep cleaning treatment. Luckily, with a good car carpet cleaner and a few basic tools, you can clean your muddy floor mats in ten minutes or less! Just follow these pro tips to quickly restore your mats to a factory fresh finish.

Skip the vacuum and shake off your mats

One of the most tedious and time-consuming steps when cleaning your rubber or carpted floor mats is vacuuming up loose dirt and soils. Using a portable vacuum cleaner takes an extra 5-10 minutes you don’t always have when cleaning your car interior. Instead, remove your floor mats from inside your car and shake them out thoroughly to get rid of all those crumbs and debris.

If you have dry mud or stains caked onto your mats, give them a good smack against the concrete to break up and loosen those difficult soils. Once you’ve removed as much mud as you can, give your mats one final shake to remove any dirt or debris you may have picked up from the sidewalk or driveway.

skip the vacuum and shake off your mats

Apply your carpet and floor mat cleaner

Next, apply your preferred carpet and upholstery cleaner. We recommend a heavy-duty carpet cleaner like POWER OUT! Carpet & Mats to remove stains and sticky soils that won’t come clean without a good scrub. You can also use a multi-purpose interior detailer like Oxy Interior 1 to wipe down rubber or plastic floor mats.

Spray your car carpet cleaner all over your mats, concentrating on stains and soils until fully saturated. Allow the formula to dwell on these surfaces for at least thirty seconds to make these difficult stains easier to remove.

apply your carpet and floor mat cleaner

Scrub the surface of your mats

If you’re using a carpet cleaner like POWER OUT! Carpet & Mats, use the detachable scrub brush on the top of the bottle to massage your cleaning solution into the fibers of your carpeted floor mats. You can also use a fresh microfiber towel or an interior detailing brush to scrub your rubber or plastic mats.

Continue scrubbing you’ve lifted all stains and soils from the surface of your mats.

scrub the surface of your mats

Use a shop vac to clean carpeted mats

To rinse your mats with a shop vac, using the upholstery attachment to suck up excess product and soils is the quickest way to clean and dry your carpeted floor mats. Otherwise, you can use a clean microfiber cloth and a bucket of warm water to rinse off your carpeted mats.

Power wash plastic and rubber floor mats

You can use a pressure washer or the jet setting on your garden hose to quickly rinse your plastic or rubber floor mats. The elevated pressure will make it easier to remove excess product and soils. Continue rinsing until the water dripping off your mats runs clean.

power wash plastic and rubber floor mats

Use a leaf blower to dry your mats

Use a leaf blower or any type of compressed air, you can use this tool to blow-dry your mats in a matter of seconds. Or, leave your mats in the sun for an afternoon to allow them to air dry to enjoy fresh mats the next day. You’ll be shocked at what a huge difference clean floor mats can make!


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