Ceramic Coating Vs. Wax


In this article, you will learn:

  • The performance differences between ceramic coatings and wax

  • When a ceramic coating might be right for your car and when a wax might be best

  • How you can give your car’s paint the best of both worlds

When it comes to wax and ceramic coating for cars, one is not “better” than the other. Each has its own strengths and reasons why it’s a better choice for certain car owners. If you feel like you have to choose between one or the other, you should stop focusing on which one is best and start asking which one is best for you. Or, if you’re the kind of person who hates trade-offs, there’s a path for you that includes wax AND ceramics. Tricky, huh?

Let’s dig into this trick question and peel back the layers of ceramics vs. wax.

Wax – the traditional beautifiers

For decades, natural wax products, especially those formulated with carnauba wax, were the standard choice for adding a warm glow, improved shine and a certain measure of protection to any car’s paint.

All of those still hold true for wax today, whether it’s a paste, liquid or spray-on formula. Wax continues to be the #1 choice to use on collectible cars, show cars or anytime a driver prioritizes that glossy, wet look and warm glow. However, wax is a natural product that spreads across your car’s clear coat in a thin water-repellant (not waterproof) layer. Weather, car washes and daily use wear away that thin layer of wax in a matter of weeks or, at best, a few months.

In other words, wax is great for beautifying your car or truck but provides average long-lasting paint protection. If you’re after the indescribable glow of a show car and you’re less concerned with lasting protection, a traditional wax like ICE™ Spray Wax or even our original Super Hard Shell Liquid Wax may be right for you.

On the other hand, if you use your car regularly, leave it exposed to the elements or just prioritize protection over wax’s trademark glow, it might be time to apply a ceramic treatment to your car’s surface.

ice™ spray wax

Ceramic coatings – a more lasting protectant

In the 21st century, the detailing world enjoyed its first major breakthrough with the invention of ceramic coatings. Applying a ceramic coating brings incredible shine and a durable shield of protection that chemically bonds with the finish of your car. This protective layer resists all kinds of soils, repels water, prevents water spotting and shields your car from UV rays, so the finish stays cleaner and looks better for longer than it would even with a wax.

While wax may last a few weeks, many ceramic products protect your car for a year or more, but they can be difficult to apply at home. Professionally applied coatings, on the other hand, can withstand years of heavy use, which makes them an outstanding choice for protecting daily drivers or cars that are regularly exposed to the weather. However, cost and downtime are the considerable downsides to having your car professionally treated with ceramic coatings. Be prepared to spend up to thousands of dollars for the service, plan on going without your car for up to a week and start thinking about a rental car and those added costs while your car is at the detail shop.

The best of both worlds

For uncompromising drivers, the good news is you can use wax and a ceramic coating together. You can either wax your car first and then apply a layer of ceramic coating or get a product that’s formulated with both wax and ceramic components all in one, convenient formula. With our Hybrid Solutions product line, we found a way to make DIY ceramic application so easy a novice can do it. Combining traditional wax, SiO2 ceramics and a special blend of synthetic polymers, Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Spray Coating gives your car a warm glow, eye-popping shine and lasting protection with just one easy spray-on, wipe-off formula!

hybrid solutions ceramic spray coating

Don’t look now, but…

Just when you think the detailing world has achieved the ultimate levels of protection, shine and beauty, a new breakthrough is prepared to take detailing to a whole new level. The innovation leaders at Turtle Wax R&D Labs have found a way to integrate graphene, the smallest, strongest substance known to man, into our formulas. The first-ever wax products to feature pure graphene, Hybrid Solutions Pro Graphene Flex Wax and Hybrid Solutions Pro to the Max Wax outperform carnauba wax and ceramic coatings on numerous fronts.

These exciting, graphene-infused detailing products represent the next generation of car care, one that looks brighter than ever.

Which car care solution is best for you? A wax? A ceramic coating? A hybrid wax and a ceramic coating? Or maybe graphene, the innovative, new kid on the block? That’s for you to decide. Before you choose, just stop for a moment and consider what your car and driving conditions demand, and the question will answer itself!

hybrid solutions pro graphene flex wax


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