Best DIY Car Wash Kit for the Weekend


In this article you will learn:

  • Which car care products to add to your weekend car wash kit

  • The best car wash soap for a deep cleaning treatment

  • Tips for giving your car some extra care over the weekend

There’s no better time than a nice, sunny weekend to wash your car to bring out that sleek, cloud-reflecting finish. With fewer responsibilities, like work or taking the kids to school, your weekend is the perfect opportunity to give your car a bit of extra care. But which products should you reach for during your DIY car wash?

If you’re going to spend the extra time and effort to perform a deep cleaning treatment, then naturally, you’ll want a car wash solution and accessories that provide the most bang for your buck. Luckily, we have some incredible products and tools that fit the bill perfectly, and we’ve compiled some of our favorites to help you return your car to its original, showroom gloss.

Here are 5 must-haves to add to your weekend wash kit!

M.A.X. Power Car Wash Detergent

This innovative car wash soap provides three different levels of cleaning strength to perform everything from a light wash to a heavy-duty, degreasing treatment. Simply adjust the amount of soap you pour into your bucket to create a cleaning solution that’s perfectly suited for any task, whether it’s washing away dirt and grime or lifting sticky tar and tree sap deposits without damaging your paintwork. You can even use this detergent to strip away old layers of wax to prep your painted surfaces for a complete restoration! And, since M.A.X. Power does it all, it’s the only car wash shampoo you’ll need on your shelf, saving you time and money in your car care routine.

m.a.x. power car wash detergent

Microfiber Wash Mitt

Along with a good car wash soap, you’ll need an effective washing and scrubbing tool to safely remove dirt and stains from your finish. We recommend our premium Microfiber Wash Mitt to achieve professional-grade results, right in your driveway! This cleaning tool features thousands of soft, plush microfibers that draw dirt and other contaminants away from your finish to prevent scratches and swirls in your clear coat. And these long, durable fibers offer much more absorbency per square inch and rinse a lot more easily than the average sponge to cut any cleaning job down to size.

We also recommend that you invest in a separate microfiber towel or car wash mitt for cleaning your wheels and tires, since brake dust and road grime transfers easily to other parts of your vehicle and could potentially damage your sparkling paintwork.

microfiber wash mitt

All Wheel & Tire Cleaner

Cleaning your wheels and tires is no easy feat. Most of the time, the mud and soils stuck to your rims and sidewalls won’t come clean with just a regular car wash. You’ll need a heavy-duty cleaner, designed specifically for your wheels and tires to remove these soils from your chrome or aluminum alloy finish.

Our All Wheel & Tire Cleaner does all the work for you, breaking down brake dust and road grime using a powerful, foaming formula so you can wipe them away easily. Simply allow this cleaner to dwell for the time specified on the back of the bottle. Then, use your microfiber towel or a soft wheel sponge to scrub away any leftover stains and soils for a deep, metallic shine.

all wheel & tire cleaner

WS Clay Bar

Once you’ve washed your dried your vehicle, you may be tempted to call it a day. But your job isn’t finished just yet. Much to most people’s surprise, your car isn’t as clean as you think it is after even the most attentive wash. There are probably still tiny contaminants, too small to see with the naked eye, embedded in your clear coat.

Run a hand along the surface of your car and see if you can feel any rough or gritty textures. If you do, then you’ll need a clay bar, such as our WS Clay Bar to decontaminate your finish. This special resin pulls microscopic soils and debris out of your clear coat to deep clean the surface of your car. Once you’ve prepped your paint surfaces with a clay bar, your car is ready to be polished or waxed without running the risk of grinding these contaminants into your finish.

ws clay bar

Hybrid Solutions Pro to the Max Wax

What’s a good car wash without a good wax? The final must-have in your weekend car wash kit is a liquid synthetic car wax like Hybrid Solutions Pro to the Max to really elevate your finish. This wax is infused with advanced, graphene platelets and ceramic polymers that will protect your vehicle against even the harshest environmental factors and prolong that showroom finish for months to come. Plus, the combination of silicone and carnauba wax creates a deep, luxurious gloss that will take your breath away.

Once you’ve put together your weekend car wash kit, be sure to take a look at some of our other how-to articles to refresh your detailing knowledge and learn some helpful tips and tricks from our professional detailers!

hybrid solutions pro to the max wax


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