5 Must Haves Every Pro Detailer Has


In this article you will learn:

  • What products pro detailers use to create a flawless finish

  • How to use professional car detailing accessories to simplify your car care routine

  • 5 essential detailing solutions to add to your toolkit

If you want to maintain your car’s showroom condition, you’ll need more than a bucket and car wash soap. Professional detailers rely on a wide array of products and tools to create that incredible, showroom look. You could pay $50 to $125 a session to have a pro detailer maintain that cloud reflecting gloss—or you could save hundreds of dollars and do it yourself.

Here are 5 must-haves every pro detailer has to keep your car looking fresh and pristine!

1. Car wash detergent

One of the most essential steps of the car care process is to wash your car every couple of weeks. Keeping your car clean will prevent dirt and other contaminants from becoming embedded in your vehicle’s clear coat—the top layer of paint—and help your car’s protective, wax coating last longer to prevent damage to your paintwork.

You’ll need a powerful, car wash detergent like M.A.X. Power Wash to break down tough stains and soils on the surface of your car. This car shampoo features an adjustable-strength formula, meaning that you can choose the strength of your cleaning solution by adjusting how much of this concentrated car wash soap you add to your bucket to give your car anything from a gentle wash to a heavy-duty, deep cleaning treatment.

car wash detergent

2. Microfiber towel

Professional detailers use microfiber towels to wash, dry and even apply wax to your car. This ultra-soft, microfiber material consists of thousands of tiny, highly absorbent fibers that encapsulate dirt and soils to protect your clear coat from scratches and swirls, drawing them away from your car’s painted finish. These cloths hold up to ten times more water and product than the average sponge, making them far more efficient in cleaning and applying protectant to your vehicle.

We recommend an edgeless microfiber towel such as our 16” x 16” (300 GSM) Detailing Towel to prevent sharp seams or edges from damaging or streaking your flawless finish. This cloth is made from a plush blend of terry microfiber that glides effortlessly over your car exterior to create the smoothest possible finish.

microfiber towel

3. Polishing compound

A car polishing compound erases any light scratches or swirls in your vehicle’s paintwork to restore your car to like-new condition. Scratches, paint transfer and oxidation become more difficult to reverse as they build up, so it’s important to take care of these light imperfections as soon as possible.

Use a high-end polishing compound like Hybrid Solutions Pro 1 & Done Compound to achieve the smoothest possible finish. This adjustable car care solution smooths the finest of lines to the heaviest scrapes and swirls by switching between multiple cutting pads, so it’s the only polish you’ll need in your detailing kit!

polishing compound

4. Cutting pad

Cutting pads are the tools you use to apply your car polish to the surface of your car to correct any damage to your clear coat. The higher the quality of your cutting pad, the easier it will be to create showroom results.

The strength of your cutting pad depends on the severity of damage to your finish. Deeper scratches require a more aggressive pad to correct, and vice versa. You can purchase a set of pads like our Hybrid Solutions Pro Cutting Pads to make sure you’ve covered all your bases, or you can invest in a premium applicator, like the Urofiber Correcting and Finishing Pad to take care of any severity of damage in one, easy step.

Pro tip: If you’re really serious about polishing your car like the pros, consider getting a dual action polisher. Not only will this handy detailing tool save time applying your polish and wax, but you’ll also achieve an even deeper, eye-popping shine.

cutting pad

5. Car Wax

Finally, let’s not forget about your car’s quintessential layer of protection and gloss. Car wax offers your vehicle protection from every day, environmental factors such as heat, acid rain and exposure to the sun to help your sparkling finish last for months at a time. Professional detailers use a car wax infused with synthetic polymers like silicone and graphene for maximum durability and shine.

We recommend a synthetic car wax like Hybrid Solutions Pro Flex Wax to give your car foolproof protection and create the ultimate “wow” factor. This quick and easy spray wax contains all the benefits of a car wax and a professional paint sealant packed into one incredible spray! Or, if you have a bit more time to spend on your vehicle, you can use a paste wax like our 75th Anniversary Ceramic + Graphene Paste Wax to create a deep, wet-look shine.

car wax


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