1 complete tire shine spray for any vehicle 2021

#1 Complete Tire Shine Spray for Any Vehicle in 2021

In this article, you will learn:

  • About the world's best tire shine spray

  • What makes this tire shine so revolutionary

  • How to get your tires and wheels sparkling clean

Clean tires and wheels have always been part of the little details that take a car from "nice and clean" to "wow, what a beautiful car!" Using the heavy-duty cleaning action of a tire and wheel wash and the shine agents of a tire spray, professional and DIY detailers transform some of the dirtiest, dingiest, drabbest parts of the car into shiny, deep black, showroom-fresh stunners.

The only downside to most shine products is durability. Tires look great when they come straight from the detail shop, but given a few weeks of use, they revert back to their old, worn look. And, of course, that's inevitable, right? Tires and wheels perform some of the dirtiest work on your car or truck, so keeping them looking clean and new is impossible...right?

Not so fast. Some of the top minds in car maintenance products have been working on a solution to this problem, and the high-tech advances of two new products have taken tire and wheel care to a whole new level.

Breakthrough formulas

When the Turtle Wax R&D Labs decided to attack this problem, they studied the real-world punishment that our cars' tires go through every day. They found the main reason tire shine products wear away has very little to do with the shine ingredients themselves.

One issue lies with the intermediate solutions that deliver the shine agents to your tires. Once applied to rubber, these solutions wear away quickly from rain, road salts and car washes. And, when they wear away, so do the shine agents. In a matter of days, or just a few weeks, your tires go from a rich black shine to a dull and cloudy, charcoal gray. In other words, you and your tires are right back where you started.

Another area for improvement was tire prep. To get the most durability out of the tire shine spray, rubber surfaces need to be better prepped before applying a shine product, so the Turtle Wax team set out to develop the world's best wheel and tire cleaner.

With this knowledge in mind, Turtle Wax R&D experts tackled the durability problem from a number of angles. We’re proud to say the resulting products are not only the best tire products of 2021, but the best tire cleaning and shine products you’ve ever seen. 

car wheel

Hybrid Solutions Hyper Foam Wheel Cleaner & Tire Prep

One of the best ways to get the most out of any car coating, whether it's a car wax or a tire shine spray, is to make sure the surface is prepared correctly before applying the coating. This means removing all dirt and contaminants, so the surface is as close to immaculate as you can get it. When you're talking tires, that requires a very high-performance, heavy-duty cleaning product.

Challenge accepted.

Hybrid Solutions Hyper Foam packs heavy-hitting, fast-acting surfactants into a rich foam that clings to every nook and cranny of your tire sidewalls and wheels. Its cleaning action is so powerful, you likely won't need to scrub your tires and wheels at all, but, in some extreme cases, it helps to use a wheel brush or Wheel Woolie to break up grime and brake dust around the lug nuts, spokes, brake components and other tight spots.

And, of course, it pulls no punches on your tires, chemically scrubbing your sidewalls, leaving them clean and jet black, like they day they were new. Simply spray, rinse and dry - you're ready to shine.

Hybrid Solutions Graphene Acrylic Tire Shine Coating

To develop a tire shine spray that shines brighter and lasts longer, Turtle Wax rethought the very chemistry that makes up every tire shine product on the market. In addition to traditional cross-linking resins, the new Hybrid Solutions Graphene Acrylic Tire Shine Coating is formulated with bonding acrylic resins. Basically, the scientific thought was "If acrylic works so well on a car's clear coat, why not use it on the tires, too?" The performance results are fantastic, giving your tires enhanced durability and shine.

But that still wasn't enough. We wanted even more performance, so what else would we do but integrate the strongest, smallest material known to science? Pure graphene particles no larger than atoms penetrate the semi-porous rubber surface of your tires and hold on tight, creating a tough shell of protection on the outside that's anchored beneath the surface of your tires. The result is a beautifully shiny, deep black look that lasts and lasts for months, not days.

Partners in shine

When used together as part of your basic car maintenance schedule, this new wheel and tire cleaner and tire shine spray help your car look showroom-new longer than ever before. And, because your wheels and tires shine longer, you won't need to clean and shine them again for...who knows how long?

Out-of-this world cleaning action, weather-resistant protection and a durable, wet-look shine - with Hybrid Solutions Hyper Foam and Graphene Acrylic Tire Shine Coating, Turtle Wax has thrown down the gauntlet on tire care products.


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