For more than 75 years, Turtle Wax® continues to develop products to protect and restore cars. As a family owned company calling Chicago home for generations, Turtle Wax proudly produces innovative product lines to meet the ever changing needs of both car consumers and the automotive industry, setting the new standard in shine™.


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    Ben Hirsch invents liquid auto polish in the family bathtub.

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    PlastoneTM auto polish is the first bottled car wax.

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    PlastoneTM is renamed Turtle Wax® for its hard shell finish.

  • penny_shoe_shine

    Turtle Wax capitalizes on the popularity of car wax and name recognition and enters consumer brand markets in hardware & grocery stores with innovation in shoe polish, rug shampoo, floor wax, and even a line of dessert toppings (Party Day brand).

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    Turtle Wax opens first overseas manufacturing facility in England. Death of founder Ben Hirsch.

  • minute_wax_spray

    Minute Wax® silicone-based spray wax is the first car care product targeted for use by women.

  • pro_car_wash

    Turtle Wax creates Professional Products division to market products to the car wash industry.

  • tw_car_wash_center

    Turtle Wax begins to build & operate new state-of-the-art car wash & detailing centers in Chicago area.

  • color_magic

    Turtle Wax expands its overseas presence by opening markets in China. Color Magic® is created to match the color shade of an automotive paint finish.

  • hyper_concentrate

    Turtle Wax launches Hyper Concentrate® brand of professional products to the commercial car wash industry.

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    Turtle Wax doubles its overseas presence through acquisition of Valma-Abel.

  • ice_product

    Turtle Wax introduces ICE® the first clear polish.

  • 2009

    Turtle Wax introduces Headlight Lens Restorer Kit.

  • 2016

    Turtle Wax wins Product of the Year with Quick & Easy Dash & Glass.