If your vehicle’s leather interior is looking as worn and scuffed as grandpa’s favorite recliner, it’s time to use Turtle Wax’s Renew RX Luxe Leather Deep Cleaning Interior Kit. It’s the perfect cure for food and drink stains… those blue smudges that your jeans leave behind… muddy footprints kids track in after soccer practice.  Cure being the operative word. Because this Luxe Leather Interior Kit is from the Turtle Wax® Renew Rx line – Rx as in prescription… just what the Doctor ordered to cure what ails you or in this case your car.


Now let’s Deep Clean that interior. First squeeze a small portion of the Luxe Leather Deep Cleaning and Conditioning lotion onto the stain eraser. This one-of-a-kind combination of stain eraser and cleaner/conditioner is the key to gently deep cleaning without damaging. So, never use the stain eraser without applying the lotion first. 

Now, take the lubricated eraser and spread the formula onto the leather. It’s best to apply in small sections. This doesn’t take a lot of elbow grease, so just let the cleaner and eraser do the work for you.  Gently rub until the stain disappears making sure to keep the Stain Eraser lubricated.  

Then simply wipe dry with a soft cloth.  

You’ll notice, it also deodorizes, so while you’re cleaning the interior, it’ll leave behind a fresh scent of rejuvenation and reclaimed glory.

If your stain eraser starts getting dirty, rinse it in clean water. You can also use it to remove the greasy fingerprints off of your side panels or shoe scuffs from hard plastic surfaces. Pop Quiz! How does it work again? Pour lotion onto Stain Eraser. Massage into leather to deep clean. Work in small sections. Wipe dry.


Deep cleaning does not require deep thinking.  Turtle Wax. Get out there and shine.


Turtle Wax®. Get Out There and Shine