Much like the average man’s attention span, most car trim fades over time.  If left untreated, your sleek black trim could quickly fade to a crummy gray haze. Luckily, Turtle Wax® Jet Black Endura-Shine Trim Coat uses an acrylic coating that penetrates into the plastic and color corrects your trim.  It’s a crucial part of the Jet Black product line - an entire line specially formulated with black tint technology to keep your vehicle’s surfaces the blackest black from top to tread.  But this is about Endura Shine Trim Coat, so let’s coat.


For best results start by preparing plastic and rubber trim with a cleaner or degreaser. 


Next, put on the gloves included in the kit. Then, shake the bottle.


Apply a small amount of product on the foam applicator. 


Apply a light coating to the trim using a gentle back and forth overlapping motion.  If the foam runs dry, add more formula to ensure a completely uniform look. If you want a darker finish, apply an additional coat.  


And don’t worry about rain. Turtle Wax® Jet Black Endura-Shine Trim Coat is durable enough that it won't run onto your paint when it gets wet.


Apply product to applicator Uniformly cover trim Dries within minutes. Oh and one more thing, Turtle Wax® Jet Black Endura-Shine Trim Coat will last you longer than any other conventional products on the market. Which means less time doing the work and more time admiring it.


Turtle Wax®. Get Out There and Shine