We took man’s very first invention and found a way to make it stand out the way it deserves. Turtle Wax® Jet Black™ Endura-Shine Tire Coat Kit, a lot of syllables but not a lot of work.


Before you break out the Endura-Shine, prep your tires with the Superior Tire Cleaner included in the kit.  Both are part of the Turtle Wax Jet Black line – a dream team of products specially formulated with black tint technology to keep black car surfaces their blackest – in this case your tires. 


Working one tire at a time rinse the tire and spray on the Jet Black Superior Tire Cleaner evenly. This formula brings all the unwanted dirt and oils to the surface. 


Next, grab your brush and scrub your tire.  


Then, rinse it off and let it dry.


Now you’re ready to apply the Turtle Wax® Jet Black™ Endura-Shine Tire Coat. This  acrylic coating corrects browning, withstands repeated washing and rain, and lasts 5x longer than traditional tire shines.


Put on the gloves included in the kit. Give the bottle a good shake. 


Then, pour a small amount of Endura Shine onto the applicator and spread evenly onto the tire, wiping off any excess product that gets on your wheel. After you’ve covered your tire, let the product dry for ten minutes to a deep rich black shine.  If you’d like an even darker finish, just apply another layer.


Look at that. Like new.  And that shine will last for months. Just rinse them off with a little H20 when they need it.


Ok, let’s recap. Clean tires with the Jet Black Superior Tire Cleaner included in the kit. Rinse and dry your tire. Apply the Jet Black Endura-Shine Tire Coat with your applicator. Done.


Jet-black tires. That’s how I roll. 


Turtle Wax®. Get out there and shine™

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