Winter Car Care

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Winter Car Care

Face it … in the cold winter months we are not going to run out and wash our car in zero-degree weather the minute our car is dirty and salty. However, there are some things you need to do to maintain your car’s appearance, protect it from harmful winter weather AND promote safe driving.

1. Safe Driving Tips

Keep tires inflated properly; always keep exterior mirrors and glass clean; most importantly, keep headlights clean for improved visibility and check wiper blades.

2. Clean & Protect Your Car from Harmful Winter Weather

My advice, get rid of salt as soon as you can. Take advantage of those (rare) but sunny warm weekend days when the temps are above 45°F.


Focus on the inside of the car first. Vacuum interior, upholstery and carpets. If carpets are extremely wet, place cotton towels between the carpet and the mat to blot-up water and salt. Leave the towels in for a few hours to soak up excess water. Build-up of salt on mats and carpet can be difficult to remove as well as damaging to floor surfaces. Turtle Wax Power Out Carpet & Mat Cleaner is a must for removing these heavy residues.


Clean inside glass and plastics. If you have kids, holiday travels often result in food and candy residues on the seats and floor. It may not be an immediate problem in the winter time, however, when it warms up, melting chocolate can cause a lot of cleaning headaches. Clean up kid messes as soon as you can. Use Turtle Wax Quick & Easy Dash & Glass on interior glass and plastic surfaces. It is the perfect product that not only cleans glass but works on hard surfaces as well.


Most of us go to the local car wash during the winter. If you don’t like waiting in a car wash line, use sunny warm days to wash in the driveway. Two 5-gallon buckets of water and Turtle Wax M.A.X.-Power Car Wash can safely remove exterior salt. Use extremely wet towels to splash the car body with the car wash solution and lightly wipe. Use a separate towel and a clean bucket of water to rinse and towel dry. Wash only on sunny days, as this will help dry up water in the driveway and prevent icy conditions

3. And, at the Chicago Auto Show this year…

Turtle Wax is proudly debuting the game-changing Turtle Wax Spray & Wipe product line – the first-ever car care product that combines the control and performance of the traditional spray trigger bottle with the convenience of the disposal automotive cleaning wipe – that won’t ever dry out! Auto enthusiasts can visit our brand experience to get up close and personal with the latest in auto appearance via hourly interactive product demonstrations and fun giveaways.  

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