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Getting your car in the best condition that it can be is essential if you want to sell it quickly and get the best price. Clean your car inside and out, showing potential buyers that the car has been well looked after is important. Repair any minor paintwork damage, poor looking headlights and simple mechanical faults.

CLEAN IT INSIDE AND OUT: A well-presented car is worth so much more than one which looks dirty and uncared for. It can give such a great first impression! The car will appear more reliable to a potential buyer as it will look as though the car has been better maintained.

The car will look more inviting, and encourage people to take a test drive. Shiny, well waxed exterior bodywork is not enough however. Remember to black and shine the tires, make sure the windows are sparkling clean by using a micro fiber cloth and glass cleaner. Clean the interior dash and upholstery, and ensure odors are naturalized to make the interior smells fresh.

TIDY THE INSIDE: Take all of your personal items out of the car. A potential buyer can feel uncomfortable if there are items such as CDs, tissues, toys and handcream in the door pockets and pink fluffy dice dangling from the rear view mirror.

MAKE SURE THE SERVICE IS UP TO DATE: If a service is due, get it done. It’s much easier for a buyer if he or she can just drive it away. If a service isn’t due, check the vehicle fluid levels and top them up.

CHECK THE VEHICLES TIRES: Make sure you have above the legal limit of tread depth, as you don't want to sell an unsafe car. The edge of a 20p piece is 1.6mm, the same as the legal minimum tread depth. 

PROVIDE A REASON FOR WHY YOU ARE SELLING THE CAR: Be honest about why you’re selling your car. Have you got a company car or bought a newer model? Remember to include this in your advertisement.

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