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After time and exposure to climate elements automotive headlights’ and taillights’ clarity can be diminished due to sun damage, oxidation, and scratches. Cloudy, milky and yellowed lenses can reduce headlamp function at night or during poor visibility conditions. The Turtle Wax Headlight Lens Restorer Kit contains the essential tools to restore headlight and taillight clarity.

The Kit includes: Precision Polishing Pads, Spray Lubricant, Lens Clarifying Compound, and Base Coat & Lens Sealing Wipes. It’s important that you restore both headlights before opening the Base Coat & Sealing Wipes. The wipes should only be used as the final step in preserving the restoration on both headlights.

Step 1

PREPARING HEADLIGHTS: Begin by washing headlights and taillights with M.A.X.-Power Car Wash and water, and note the condition of the headlights when they are wet. If the lens look somewhat clear when wet, you can expect restoration to be equal to or better than the current condition. The Headlight Lens Restorer Kit will not fix cracked or fogging inside the headlight. It will only restore the condition of the clear plastic lens.

Step 2

APPLY CLARIFYING COMPOUND: After the lens, has dried start with the Lens Clarifying Compound. Apply the compound to a soft cloth or microfiber towel. Using firm finger pressure apply the compound to the lens in a back and forth motion for about two minutes and compound the entire surface of the lens. Then, let the compound dry and buff lightly with a clean microfiber towel. If the lens is crystal clear you have completed the lens cleaning process and can apply the Lens Base Coat. After the Lens Base Coat is dry you can apply the Lens Sealing Wipe, which helps with future yellowing.

Step 3

FURTHER RESTORATION: However, in most cases if the lens was not clear after applying the Lens Clarifying Compound a few more steps will need to be followed. Apply the Spray Lubricant to the green polishing pad and directly onto the lens. Begin rubbing the lens using pressure in a back and forth motion until the oxidation is removed. Be sure to keep both the lens and polishing pad lubricated with the Spray Lubricant. Flip the green polishing pad over to the tan side and rub back and forth in the opposite direction for 1 minute. Be sure to keep both the lens and tan polishing pad lubricated with the Spray Lubricant.

Step 4

CONTINUE POLISHING: Pick up the second polishing pad and begin rubbing the lens back and forth in the opposite direction with the teal side for about 1 minute. Flip the second pad over to the purple side and rub in the opposite direction of the previous side for about 1 minute.

Step 5

DRY THE LENS & APPLY LENS CLARIFYING COMPOUND: Dry the lens completely with a clean cloth or microfiber towel. Apply the Lens Clarifying Compound and rub thoroughly until the lens becomes clear. Allow the compound to dry to a haze and then buff with a clean cotton cloth.

Step 6

APPLY WIPES & RESTORE CLARITY: You have completed all the steps and are ready to apply the Lens Base Coat and Lens Sealing Wipe. First, quickly coat both lenses with the Lens Base Coat Wipe. Once the lenses are dry immediately wipe them with the Lens Sealant Wipe which will prevent future yellowing. Coating will cure after 24 hours, but the vehicle can be driven within the frame.

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