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To remove stickers from your car, it’s important to use a product that is intended for automotive surfaces. Use a product that is safe on automate paint, clear coat, plastic, glass, metal & other non-porous surfaces. Remove Vehicle Stickers, Remove Parking Tickets and Remove Bumper Stickers using these easy steps.

Step 1

Focus on one sticker at a time. Before peeling the sticker off, saturate it with Turtle Wax Label & Sticker Remover. Let the solution set-in for a few minutes to help dissolve the adhesives. This will make it easier to remove completely and minimize the adhesive left on the surface.

Step 2

Find the right tool to remove the sticker, based on what surface you are cleaning: ON GLASS use a razor blade or durable plastic knife, ON PLASTIC OR RUBBER use a sturdy plastic knife or an old credit card, ON PAINT OR METAL wrap a sturdy plastic tool inside a soft cotton towel to avoid scratching the surface.

Step 3

Remove the sticker with your tool. Start at one of the corners and firmly separate the sticker from your car. As you peel the sticker, apply Label & Sticker Remover as needed to assist. Once sticker is removed, spray Label & Sticker Remover on a cloth and wipe off any remaining adhesive that may have been left behind.

Step 4

Clean the car using a car wash or interior cleaner. For exteriors, apply a Spray Wax for an even shine & smooth feel on the entire exterior. It will seem like the sticker was never there!

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