Exterior Cleaning


Remove bug stains from your car before your paint is damaged. Not only are smashed bugs unsightly on your ride, but some also contain acidic substances which can bite into the paint. After they dry, some bugs can be very difficult to move without damaging your paint. Here are some tips for removing bug stains from paint or glass. 

Step 1

Remove bugs from paint: Simply attempting to scrape off bugs can damage paint. If the bugs don’t come off after a thorough wash, it is usually a better idea to use a substance to help remove them. Loosen up tough bug stains with a specialized solution such as Turtle Wax® Bug & Tar Remover that will help you wipe away bugs without chipping or scratching your paint. Spray the product liberally on any problem areas such as the hood or grill. Let the product activate and then rinse with water and wipe away with a soft, microfiber towel.

Step 2

Remove bugs from windows: It can be more difficult to remove bugs from the windshield. You can let the stain soak for a while before beginning to clean it. Do this by covering up the spot with a cloth soaked in Turtle Wax® Bug & Tar Remover. Use a microfiber cloth on your windshield - they leave behind less lint than regular cloths. For extra sticky spots, add some baking soda (which won't scratch glass) to water and let soak on the windshield..

Step 3

Don’t delay: Try to clean these stains off your car as soon as possible, before the bugs can eat into your paint. After removal, give your car a thorough waxing to make bug cleanup easier in the future.

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