Interior Cleaning

Whether it’s from every day use or an unanticipated pet mess or coffee spill, car carpets get dirty. Turtle Wax Power Out! Carpet & Mats Heavy Duty Cleaner can help remove both stains and odors.

Routine & General Cleaning

For the dirt that gets tracked into your car from regular use or for the salt stains that find their place on your carpet during the winter season, follow these easy instructions to remove the stains and to refresh your carpets. First, vacuum any loose dirt or debris resting on carpets or floor mats. Then, shake the Power Out! Carpet & Mats Heavy Duty Cleaner can well and spray evenly onto carpets or floor mats. The foam is formulated with OXY Cleaners to remove stains and to brighten carpets and the exclusive Odor-X technology eradicates odors. Next, rub the foam deep into carpet fibers and floor mat crevices using the detachable micro-scrub brush. The micro-scrub brush can be removed by pushing in the button on the back of the brush and pulling the brush up off of the top of the sprayer on the can. The brush is ergonomically designed to fit in those hard-to-reach places up by glove compartments, under and in between seats, and more. After scrubbing with the brush cap wipe and remove the foam with a clean, dry cloth.

For Tougher Stains & Spot Removal

For that coffee stain that won’t quite come out of the carpet follow the same directions as general cleaning, but instead of rubbing in the foam right away with the micro-scrub brush allow the foam to dwell in the carpet fibers and the stain for up to a minute. After letting the foam sit, scrub the stain well and wipe clean. If the stain is remaining in the carpet or floor mat repeat application as needed to resolve the stains. Enjoy your stain and odor-free carpets and floor mats!

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