May 07, 2013

Turtle Wax® Launches Springtime Social Movement with National Radio Personality Mike Golic to Celebrate Car Wash Season


CHICAGO [May, 7] –Turtle Wax® has had enough of the extended winter and cold spring blanketing the country.  With warmer temperatures forecasted this week, Turtle Wax is responding with Wax On, Shirt Off, a national social movement to celebrate car care season.


With spring in the air and summer around the corner, it is prime time to give family roadsters and hot wheels alike a good wash and wax.  Partnering with national radio personality and former pro-football player Mike Golic, Turtle Wax is embracing sunshine and wants car owners to join in the fun by taking off their shirts, washing their cars and sharing socially. 


 “America, it's time to go topless. I ditched the hose – and my shirt – in the driveway last weekend with Turtle Wax’s Rinse Free Wash & Wax to kick off car wash season,” said Mike Golic, national radio personality.  “As a car guy, I’m excited to challenge car owners to get their wax on and shirts off.  To make it even sweeter, each picture shared helps one of my favorite charities, Hartford’s Camp Courant, the largest, free summer camp in the country.”


Wax On, Shirt Off:

Celebrating sunshine and shiny cars, “Wax On, Shirt Off” welcomes the return of spring as only a shirtless afternoon in the driveway can.  And Turtle Wax wants pictures to prove it. If you’re man enough to let it all hang out, share your shirtless car wash to help a great cause and a chance to win some prizes as well. 

• Tweet @TurtleWax with the hashtag #WaxOnShirtOff to share a picture of you shirtless and washing your car

•  Each photo shared triggers a $1 donation to Hartford’s Camp Courant (up to $10,000)

• Take off your shirt and we’ll give you a new one! 250 people who join the movement will receive a vintage Turtle Wax t-shirt while others can win Turtle Wax products

“We know there is no set temperature to wash your car – and Wax On, Shirt Off champions the moments when our consumers revel in their driveways, making their cars shine,” said Steve Knoop, CEO Turtle Wax. “A vehicle is a significant purchase and Turtle Wax offers innovative solutions to meet our consumers’ ever-changing car care needs – so they can get outside and have a little fun in the driveway while caring for their car.”

Spring Car Care Cleaning (and washing and waxing too!)

Spring car wash season isn’t just about making neighbors honk at you in the driveway.  Here are some car care tips from the experts at Turtle Wax:





Park in a cool, shady spot to avoid dried-on spots and streaks.  Rinse the car with a garden hose or bucket of water.  Then, using a sponge or mitt, wash your car one section at a time, starting from the top and working your way down.  Rinse and dry immediately with a soft towel or chamois.


Get best results with Turtle Wax® ICE® Car Wash, specially formulated to gently wash away dirt, road grime and dust and bring back that brand new car shine.



It’s best to wax your car after you’ve washed it to leave a protective barrier between the car’s paint and dirt, rain, and the destructive rays of the sun.  Waxing also helps prevent water spots and lets the original shine come out.


Before you wax, be sure to wash your car first so any abrasive particles or dirt won’t scratch the surface while you wax.


Start by applying Turtle Wax® Express Shine Spray Wax on a cool, clean surface.  Stay out of direct sunlight for best results and spray 6 to 8 inches from the car’s surface and spread evenly with a microfiber cloth.  Lightly wipe to a brilliant shine.



Cut through dirt, oil and brake dust build-up with a cleaner that’s made for a tough job, like Turtle Wax® Platinum Tire & Wheel Cleaner.  SPRAY it thoroughly on the wheel and tire sidewall and allow 30 to 40 seconds for the cleaner to loosen and penetrate.  Wash with a sponge or soft wheel brush and then rinse completely with a strong stream of water.


Clean your tires and wheels before you dry your car because you’ll want to rinse after applying.  And remember to use a tire shine product last.



Over time, the sun can cause your car’s interior to crack and fade.  Using Turtle Wax® Fresh Shine Protectant can help screen out harmful UV rays while safely removing dirt, revitalizing interior surfaces and leaving a refreshing scent.


Spray the protectant onto a cloth or directly on non-porous surfaces like leather, plastic, vinyl and rubber.  Let it penetrate for 2 minutes and then wipe it lightly to bring out the original beauty.


For new plastic or a higher shine, repeat the cleaning process.  For a more natural look, try Turtle Wax® ICE® Total Interior Care.


About Turtle Wax

Turtle Wax® a world leader in car care with sales in over 90 countries. Founded more than 70 years ago in Chicago, Ill., the company is recognized for its continuous innovation in manufacturing appearance and performance car care products for the retail consumer market and the commercial car care and professional detailing industries. For more information, visit or follow Turtle Wax on Facebook and Twitter.


About Hartford’s Camp Courant

Hartford's Camp Courant is the oldest and largest FREE Summer program in the United States. Its mission is to provide a summer sanctuary where children can develop positive relationships, learn, and most importantly, have fun. Created in 1894, Hartford's Camp Courant serves 1,100 children yearly ranging in age from 5 to 12. The free program includes round trip transportation, two free meals, educational programs, arts and crafts, sports and physical fitness programs, as well as free healthcare through on site doctor checkups and dental screenings.  To learn more, please visit