April 14, 2011

The solution for paint scratches and other imperfections


CHICAGO – Removing scratches and paint chips from vehicles no longer requires a trip to the auto repair shop. Removal of repair damage, scratch damage and other finish imperfections can take place at home with the Turtle Wax® Premium Grade Scratch Repair Kit, an easy-to-use system to restore exterior automotive paint. This kit features a precision clear coat pen that makes scratch repair fool-proof.


“On today’s high-gloss vehicle finishes, even minor scratches and nicks are very noticeable, especially on darker finishes,” said Mike Schultz, senior vice president of research and development for Turtle Wax. “The Premium Grade Scratch Repair Kit includes the latest precision repair technology to clarify automotive top coats and safely remove and repair scratches for professional looking results.”


The kit offers an easy-to-use solution to repair light scratches on small or large paint areas. For deep scratches, the kit can be used in conjunction with touch up paints, making repairs nearly invisible and as smooth as the original paint. In many cases, it helps eliminate the need for more expensive professional repair.


The kit provides step-by-step instructions and contains all the essential tools for at-home repair, including a fast drying Scratch Repair pen with a spring-activated tip for precise application to fill in damaged clear coat paint and a Paint Clarifying Compound to polish and remove scratches, swirl marks, severe oxidation and dull paint. Restoration Pads in 2,400, 3,200, 3,600 and 4,000 grit remove paint surface damage and restore paint clarity. A Paint Spray Lubricant minimizes abrasion to help lubricate the restoration pads and produce a clear smooth finish.


“Imperfections on a vehicle’s finish can lower its value, and with people holding on to their vehicles longer in our current economy, it’s important to protect your vehicle’s finish to retain its value,” said Schultz.


The Turtle Wax Scratch Repair Pen can now be purchased separately.


About Turtle Wax
Turtle Wax® is the world leader in car care with sales in over 90 countries. Founded more than 60 years ago in Chicago, Ill., the company is recognized for its continuous innovation in manufacturing appearance and performance car care products for the retail consumer market and the commercial car care and professional detailing industries. For more information, visit www.turtlewax.com.

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