April 14, 2011

Turtle Wax ICE® Line Provides Unprecedented Shine and Protection to All Vehicle Surfaces


CHICAGO - GPS Navigation systems, advanced computer diagnostics, onboard entertainment systems – everywhere you look on today’s cars there is cutting edge technology. Even car finishes are the result of modern engineering with new metals, plastics and rubber trims. Trying to keep vehicle surfaces in showroom condition calls for Turtle Wax® ICE® – a complete car care system of long lasting, ultra-premium products formulated to handle today's newest, most sophisticated exterior finishes and interior materials.


“We listened to customer feedback and relied on our own car care experiences when creating the ICE® line,” said Michael Schultz, senior vice president of new product development at Turtle Wax. “The technology is completely different from car care products of the past and is designed for easy application that leaves a flawless finish every time.


”ICE® products are specially formulated to work in concert with one another – car owners can start with a dirty car and have it fully washed, waxed and looking like new in less than an hour. When the vehicle’s condition doesn’t call for a full detailing, individual ICE products can be used to remove light dust and road grime and maintain shine.


For 2011, Turtle Wax extended its ICE® line to include the following wheel and tire products:


  • ICE® All Wheel & Tire Cleaner to remove dirt, grime and brake dust from wheels and tires without any scrubbing. Completely biodegradable and phosphate free formula safely loosens and lift difficult soils from even the most delicate wheel surfaces, resulting in a sparkling clean wheel and rich black tire. Includes a dirt repellent polymers reduce build up on wheels for easier future cleaning. Now available.
  • ICE® Synthetic Tire Shine to restore rich black appearance to tires in one quick and easy application. Available in trigger and aerosol spray, its thick, deep penetrating formula clings to vertical tire sidewall surfaces for a waterproof, long lasting shine. Now available.

  • ICE® Tire Foam to clean, shine and protect tires with guaranteed one coat coverage. High endurance formula contains penetrating surfactants to loosen and clean surface rubber, while high shine polymers bond to tire sidewalls for a glossy, wet-looking appearance. Now available.

  • ICE® Chrome Wheel Cleaner to penetrate corrosion, oxidation and brake dust while providing a protective barrier on chrome wheels. Water-based, low ph formula restores wheels to a like new condition and is safe for use on chrome plated steel wheels, chrome bumpers or other chrome plated accent parts. Now available.

The other products in the ICE line include:

  • ICE® Car Wash to clean away dirt and road grime. Contains lubricating agents that create rich foam that surrounds and removes dust and dirt particles so they won’t create ugly swirl marks on your car’s finish.

  • ICE® Clay Kit to provide the ultimate finish preparation for wax or polish. Includes 16 oz. ICE® Liquid Clay to clean above the surface dirt and contaminants and even remove minor swirl marks, ICE® Detailing Clay Bar to clean below the surface contamination and 16 oz. ICE® Clay Bar Lubricant to allow the clay bar to glide over your vehicle’s surface.

  • ICE® Paste Polish to restore the car’s color and provide long-lasting protection. Beads even after 60 consecutive wash cycles, more than three times longer than the leading paste wax, and even works to rejuvenate and protect plastic and rubber trim. Can be applied to all surfaces, including plastic rubber and trim, without leaving behind white, powdery residue or buildup on cracks and seams.

  • ICE® Liquid Polish to create the perfect shine. It’s a water-clear spa treatment for your car that wipes on-and-off the exterior with minimal effort to produce exceptional shine and protection. Like ICE® Paste Polish, it can be applied to all surfaces without leaving
    behind white, powdery residue or buildup on cracks and seams. New formula provides three times the durability for even longer lasting results.

  • ICE® Spray Wax to fill in light swirl marks and provide deep shine and protection with less time and effort. No drying time is needed – simply spray and wipe for a shine that lasts wash after wash. The streak-free shine formula can even clean automotive glass and provide water repellency similar to glass treatments.

  • ICE® Spray Detailer to maintain the car’s showroom ready appearance. Produces an incredible, mirror-like shine and is ideal for removing light dust from exterior surfaces between regular waxes.

  • ICE® Total Interior Care™ to clean, deodorize and protect the vehicle’s interior. Provides one product to clean all interior surfaces – leather, plastic, fabric and carpeting – and leaves a non-greasy shine behind. Available in trigger spray, easy-grip bottle and convenient wipes.


Simply put, ICE® is changing the car care industry. ICE® is completely different from other car care products on the market and delivers cutting-edge, high-quality care that drivers and their cars both deserve.

About Turtle Wax
Turtle Wax® is the world leader in car care with sales in over 90 countries. Founded more than 60 years ago in Chicago, Ill., the company is recognized for its continuous innovation in manufacturing appearance and performance car care products for the retail consumer market and the commercial car care and professional detailing industries. For more information, visit www.turtlewax.com.

About Turtle Wax ICE®
Turtle Wax® ICE® line is a full car care system of ultra-premium products formulated to work with changing vehicle technology. The ICE line features cutting edge innovation that cleans and polishes without leaving a white powdery residue or staining trim. The full line includes ICE® Car Wash, ICE® Clay Kit, ICE® Spray Wax, ICE® Paste Polish, ICE® Liquid Polish, ICE® Spray Detailer, ICE® Total Interior Care (available in trigger spray, easy-grip bottle and convenient wipes), ICE® All Wheel & Tire Cleaner, ICE® Synthetic Tire Shine (available in trigger spray and aerosol), ICE®Tire Foam and ICE® Chrome Wheel Cleaner

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