Turtle Wax Scratch Repair & Renew


SKU/MPN: 50935

The only scratch product with heal & seal technology. Formulated with precision platelets to safely remove scratches, swirls, paint transfer, water spots and more.

  • REPAIRS LIGHT TO HEAVY SCRATCHES, swirls, water spots and other paint contamination with self-aligning platelet technology
  • SEALS IN THE RESTORED PAINT to provide long lasting protection
  • RESULTS WON’T WASH AWAY, unlike other brands

Step 1

Dispense a small amount onto a foam applicator pad or small, clean microfiber towel.

Step 2

Use gentle back and forth pressure for 30 seconds.

Step 3

Reapply until desired results are achieved.

Step 4

Finish by wiping lightly with a microfiber towel.

Part of the ‘Renew / Restore’ range

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