Turtle Wax Streak Free Wash & Wax


SKU/MPN: 51798

Barcode: 5010322768675

Powerful cleaning detergents, quick drying rinse aids and added carnuaba wax combine to create one of our most advanced car wash products.

  • Added cationic rinse aids actively repels water and speeds up drying time
  • Self rinsing properties ensure no detergent residue is left on the paintwork
  • Cold weather friendly

Our customers say:

“Very impressive stuff, very happy with the results.”


Step 1

Add four caps to a clean bucket and fill with water. Rinse car first to remove loose dirt and then apply suds with a sponge or wash mitt.

Step 2

Rinse away with plenty of water and watch the water bead away.

Step 3

Mop up any remaining water with a microfibre towel or chamois for a flawless finish.

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