SKU/MPN: 52752

Barcode: 5010322783548

3-in-1 unique rinsable colour restorer. The fastest way to a flawless finish!.

  • Ultra fine abrasive powders remove scratches and swirl marks
  • Does not dry into cracks and crevices
  • Requires no hard buffing, can be removed with a strong stream of water

Our customers say:

“I bought this to try out, as I had a bad experience with another brand. After cleaning and drying the car, I gave this a go and I was really impressed!”


Step 1

Wash car thoroughly before use. Shake product well. Apply 30ml to the centre of a folded cotton towel.

Step 2

Use firm back and forth motion until results are achieved.

Step 3

Product can be removed with a clean cloth or by rinsing with a strong stream of water.

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