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OpTic Gaming, referred to as the The Green Wall, is a professional eSports organization. OpTic currently has teams playing Call of Duty, Halo, CS:GO, and Gears of War. Founded in 2006, the organization is currently owned and operated by Hector "H3CZ" Rodriguez. OpTic has become a dominant force in the eSports arena with the team achieving great accomplishments. The current team, always in contention, boasts over 24 million followers across various social channels with an extremely vocal and loyal fan base.

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“2016 was a pivotal year for OpTic as the organization expanded and Turtle Wax was a key supporting partner in that story. We’re excited to have Turtle Wax back in 2017 and look forward to further integrating the brand into the OpTic Gaming organization and sharing their new products with our fans.”

Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez

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Get to know members of OpTic Gaming and car enthusiasts, Crimsix and Pamaj


Ian Porter

Ian “Crimsix” Porter is a professional eSport athlete on the Call of Duty roster of OpTic Gaming. Crimsix was the first person in the world to earn the title: “Major League Gaming Pro Player,” in both Halo and Call of Duty. He has won more Call of Duty tournaments than any other player with 29 LAN Major wins; at least 8 championships in each Call of Duty title he’s competed in.

Boasting over 1.4 million followers on social media, Crimsix’s influence goes well beyond the console. In addition to professional gaming, Crimsix’s main passion is his car and racing exotic cars; he pours countless hours into modifications on his own vehicle and his millions of fans are along for the ride.

Ian regularly engages his audience for input on cars, mods, and his life on the road. Recently, Ian traded-in his BMW M4 for a Porsche GT4 which he is just getting started on modding.


Austin Pamajewon

Widely known for his impressive in-game sniping, Pamaj got his start on YouTube in 2010 and has seen immense success and recognition in the community. Having previously represented OpTic and FaZe before spending some time on his own, Pamaj re-joined OpTic Gaming in 2016 and moved into the OpTic Scuf House as a content director. Throughout his YouTube career, Pamaj has released some of the most popular sniping content, including the Catalyst Trilogy, surpassing 2.8 million YouTube subscribers.

Pamaj is also very passionate about his car - a black BMW 5 series – that he appropriately nicknamed “Pam.” Pamaj is all about keeping his luxury whip clean – inside and out – so that he can showcase perfection beyond his social channels.