About Our Content Experts

July 26th, 2017

Dave Nickerson – Video Content Creator

Dave Nickerson started as a member of the Shine Squad and is now Turtle Wax’s expert video content creator. Dave has a passion for cars, stemming from his days studying Automotive technology and working for a dealer doing repairs and warranty work. Dave’s creative eye and knowledge surrounding cars makes for one captivating and insightful video to the next when Dave is behind the lens.

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StanceWorks – Editorial Content Creator

As Turtle Wax’s expert editorial content creators, StanceWorks approaches the automotive world with wide eyes, an open mind, and a goal to share the everyday inspiration and dedication found in enthusiasts' garages, driveways, and streets around the world. Through beautiful imagery and heartfelt storytelling, StanceWorks acts as a beacon for the automotive passion that burns inside every one of us. Because of its quality content, StanceWorks has become one of the leading sources in automotive culture.

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