Problem / Solution

Step 1

Start with a light paint cleaner such as Turtle Wax Renew Polish. Turtle Wax Renew Polish has gentle micro compounds that will remove old wax and grime. This step prepares the surface to begin removing paint transfer.

Step 2

Apply Turtle Wax Renew Polish to a clean cloth or applicator pad. Using pressure, rub the polish against the transferred paint. Apply the polish using firm finger pressure, but be cautious not to rub too hard, as you could damage the paint.

Step 3

After rubbing the Renew Polish on the paint for about a minute, check your progress. If the paint transfer is still present, you will need to switch to a more aggressive product such as Turtle Wax Red Rubbing Compound. Follow steps to apply Red Rubbing compound to completely remove the paint transfer.

Step 4

Once the paint transfer has been completely removed, apply Turtle Wax Wax it Wet to restore shine and to add a layer of protection to your paint.

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