How-To Remove Leather Stains, Including Coffee & Blue Jean Stains

To keep leather interiors looking like new, it’s important to safely remove stains using an automotive leather cleaner. Automotive leather cleaners are pH-balanced for leather seats & surfaces, so they will safely remove stains without fading the leather or causing additional wear. Follow these quick tips to make leather interiors look like new.

How-to remove car seat leather stains including coffee - Turtle Wax How-to remove car seat leather stains including coffee - Turtle Wax


Clean leather 1-2x per week to remove dirt, condition the leather and protect from future stains. Use Turtle Wax Quick & Easy Luxe Leather to clean the entire interior in less than 10 minutes. Remove any loose dirt or debris

Generously spray Luxe Leather onto a microfiber towel, and evenly apply the cleaner to the entire leather surface. Gently apply pressure to clean & condition the leather.

As the leather is cleaned, the product will leave behind a moderate shine that is non-greasy, as well as a layer of protection to help prevent future stains or fading.

“Had some hard to get stains out. No match for this product had no problem taking them right out.”

Power out on leather interior Power out on leather interior


Clean the area as soon as possible using Turtle Wax Power Out Leather Cleaner. This heavy duty cleaning foam will penetrate the stain, lifting away dirt while preserving the leather surface. Remove any loose dirt or debris.

Spray Power Out Leather Cleaner directly on the stained area. Allow the penetrating foam to sit on the stain for up to a minute. The Power Out chemistry will encapsulate stains & odors to prevent any further damage.

Using a microfiber cloth, use an overlapping back and forth motion to rub away stains.

If the stain still persists, use the Integral Scrub Brush to clean even deeper. The flexible bristles are safe on leather, so they will scrub without scratching. The Scrub Brush is also great for cleaning dirt from seams, stitching and perforations.

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