How-To Remove Air Conditioner Smells

Occasionally car air conditioners will not only blow out cold air, but they will blow out a stagnant, musty smell as well. When the air conditioner is turned on it creates moisture which attracts bacteria, mold and odor. However, Turtle Wax has a solution to rid your air conditioner of unwanted stenches.

Air conditioning in car vent Air conditioning in car vent


Car air conditioning filter Car air conditioning filter


  • First, wipe any excess dirt. Shake the Turtle Wax Power Out! Odor-X Eliminator & Refresher Spray well and Spray a generous amount of product directly into your vents. The odor will continue to be eliminated for weeks.
  • If the air conditioner vents still smell consistently then the cabin air filter may need to be replaced. For instruction on replacing cabin air filters see the “How-To Replace a Car Air Filter” article.

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