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Maintaining tyre pressure is important for all vehicles. Over-inflated tyres can be damaged more easily by potholes or debris and can affect the ride of the vehicle. Under-inflated tyres reduce tyre life, reduce fuel economy, create less steering precision and cornering stability. Follow the below steps to ensure your tyre pressure is correct.

Step 1

GATHER EQUIPMENT: Collect the following equipment to measure tire pressure: a digital or dial tyre pressure gauge and an air compressor/personal air pump or a petrol station air hose.

Step 2

PARK IN A SAFE LOCATION: Park in a safe place where you can safely measure and adjust tyre pressure away from moving traffic and on a level parking surface.

Step 3

CHECK FOR RECOMMENDED TYRE PRESSURE: Before you begin filling up your tyres check for your automobile manufacturer’s recommended tyre pressure. The recommended tyre pressure can usually be found on a factory certification sticker placed on the driver’s door, in the vehicle owner’s manual or in the tyre manufacturers owner’s manual.

Step 4

LOCATE THE TYRE'S VALVE STEM: To fill up tires to an accurate air pressure to wait a minimum of 30 to 40 minutes after driving. Locate the tyres’s valve stem and unscrew the protective cap to expose the valve tip. Place the cap in a safe place, so you can retrieve it again to reseal the valve.

Step 5

CHECK TYRE PRESSURE: Firmly apply the tyre gauge to the tyre valve stem tip to measure the tyre's air pressure. The highest pressure shown is the current air pressure. Compare this reading to the factory recommendation. If over-inflated, you can release air by depressing the valve inside the valve system. If under-inflated, add air by placing the end of an air pump over the tyre valve. Only fill the tyre for 4 to 5 seconds before rechecking the tyre pressure. 

Step 6

REPLACE VALVE STEP CAP: Once the tyre is inflated to the proper tyre pressure replace the valve stem cap and repeat each of the previous steps to check each tyre.

Step 7

CLEAN & SHINE TYRE'S: After all tires are filled to the optimum tyre pressure restore tyre's shine with Turtle Wax Wet’N Black Tire Shine.

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