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Flat tyres are never anticipated, but it’s always a good idea to be prepared. Luckily, changing a tyre is easier than it seems and all of the items you will need should be stored in your vehicle.

Items You Will Need

  • A fully inflated spare tyre
  • Reflective warning markers
  • Nut wrench
  • Vehicle owner's manual
  • Jack
  • Torch

Step 1

PREPARE: Keep all items to change a flat tyre in the vehicle in case of an emergency. Check if your vehicle comes with a spare tyre. To increase fuel efficiency and space, most newer models of vehicles do not come with a spare tyre.

Step 2

BE SAFE: Pull over to a safe location. Put your car in neutral and apply the hand brake. Turn the hazard lights on and place reflective warning markers at approximately 30 metres behind the vehicle. Pull out the owner’s manual.

Step 3

REMOVING THE FLAT TYRE: Using the nut wrench, turn the wheel nuts clockwise until all the nuts are lose and the wrench can turn easily. The car then needs to be raised off the ground by using the jack. The “jack point” can be found in the owner’s manual or the frame of the vehicle. Place the jack beneath the vehicle’s frame near the flat tyre. Raise the car carefully, making sure the car is completely stable. Do not place arms or legs under the vehicle in case the jack gets loose. Once the tyre has completely cleared the ground, remove the wheel nuts completely.

Step 4

REPLACING WITH THE SPARE TYRE: Remove the flat tyre carefully and replace it with the spare tyre, resting the spare tire on the wheel studs. Position the spare tyre and tighten the wheel nuts clockwise by hand. Use the nut wrench and tighten the nuts only until they are “firm”. Lower the jack carefully until the wheel is firmly on the ground. Using your nut wrench, tighten the nuts in a star-type pattern to apply equal torque on all the wheel studs.

Step 5

COMPLETING TYRE CHANGE: Completely lower the jack so the vehicle is back on the ground. Remove the jack. Do not exceed the highway speed while driving with the temporary spare tyre.

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