Did you know that Turtle Wax produces 98% brand awareness*? It's a staggering statistic which translates into higher profitability. Car wash customers know the quality associated with Turtle Wax® products and operators have more opportunities to up-sell to higher wash packages with the Turtle Wax® name.


Turtle Wax was founded on creating products that will effectively clean cars. Turtle Wax® professional products achieve that goal by offering a full line of high performance, hyper-concentrated chemicals that are used in all touch free, tunnel and self-serve environments.


It doesn't matter how great the chemicals are if you don't have someone there to make sure the product is being applied correctly. Turtle Wax Sales Managers and distributors are trained to provide exceptional service through extensive product knowledge and a full understanding of cleaning chemistry.


No need to carry multiple product lines to fill a gap, Turtle Wax offers a complete line of professional products for all car wash types. Get a clean, shiny, dry car by using Turtle Wax® from front to back!


Turtle Wax keeps recycling top-of-mind when it comes to packaging. Using only Class 2 plastic for the carboys, Turtle Wax makes it easy to recycle old containers.