#1 selling trim restorer delivers incredible shine for like-new appearance

Renews and maintains any color trim and plastic for up to 3 months

One easy application restores the original appearance and shine to all colors of dull, faded trim


Long-lasting results will withstand weeks of car washes, rain storms, snow, and sun! 


Protects all plastic trim, rubber trim, bumpers, window seals and cladding from fading caused by the sun’s powerful UV rays

Net weight: 1.1
SKU: T125

    Shake well. Squeeze a ribbon of product onto foam applicator. Apply a heavy coat of product using a gentle back and forth, overlapping motion onto exterior car trim. Wait 5 to 10 minutes for products to penetrate.

    Lightly wipe with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.

    Additional applications may be needed for trim with wax residue, previously untreated textured trim or badly oxidized trim.

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    • Avalanche Owner
      Rudy Woltner | Front Royal, Va | 1.25.2012
      Being the owner of a cladded Avalanche, I am always on the lookout for a quality product that will restore the look of my cladding and keep that look for a fair amount of time. I came across TW Trim Restore in Walmart and decided to give it a go. I have only done a few areas of the truck, but so far after 2 months of winter exposure, the results seem to be holding up. It took 2 to 3 applications depending on the area, but the look is consistent and the plastic looks almost like new condition. I didn't go 5 stars yet because it has only been 2 months. If I can get close to 6 months, I would rate at 5.
    • This is the next level
      CAL | ST. Thomas, US VIrgin islands | 6.1.2012
      I have used this product on both new and used vehicles and the results are always great. It comes with an applicator and it very easy to use. The best part is that it sheds water for up to two months on a vehicle that is washed twice weekly and always parked outside and once you follow the application directions it does not attract dust Turtle seems to put the CARE in CAR CARE products
    • none
      lamar | groveland, fla | 8.13.2012
      Guys, this is the real deal. Just put it on today and it looks great. Will try and remember to update after a month or two, I really like it.
    • Great product
      Judy Stokes | Alpine, TX | 8.26.2012
      I am 59 years old and drive a 2008 Lincoln MKX, the bottom is all black plastic that had faded to gray. I wiped this on and immediately the shine came back. My car looks brand new!  If I can do it, anyone can.
    • Holy S---!!!
      Tim | , | 9.17.2012
      This is awesome. May want to wear a latex glove to avoid the 'fish oil' feel after. 2004 Saturn Vue looks new again.Lol....
    • WOW!
      Roger | , | 9.24.2012
      Finally, after trying so many products to restore the black back to my plastic fender flares for my Jeep JK...I found it! I had almost given up hope. After I used the trim restorer, my plastic looked just like the example on the box -what a difference! Finally, a product that works as advertized. Thanks Turtle!!
    • Best thing ever for a Jeep!!!
      Michael | , Texas | 10.12.2012
      This product was amazing at bringing back my faded bumpers, side-view mirrors, running boards, and even my faded tan hardtop. It only took me 30 minutes to make my 12 year old Jeep look like it did the day I drove it off the showroom floor. Thank you so much Turtle Wax! This product saved me hundreds of dollars because I could restore these faded parts instead of replacing or painting. So awesome!!!
    • Damaged stripes
      Rick | , | 11.6.2012
      This stuff works terrific on hard plastic trim but I used it on my Shelby's hood and trunk stripes and they literally cracked in two and they have started small cracks in multiple places.. .. Not happy at all...$1800 for new stripes..wish they would said that was possible..
    • Great
      Brighton | , Tennessee | 1.9.2013
      I have a 2005 Ford Expedition. If you are not familiar with the model, all of the trim is black plastic. All of my trim was faded and it looked bad. My dad bought this product at Autozone and I used it. My truck now looks brand new. I heavily recommend using this stuff.
    • Best plastic restorer on market
      Bob Link | Merritt Island, Florida | 2.1.2013
      Have a 2003 Avalanche with plastic body armor, it's a half day job to protect the plastic. I have used other companies products and they didn't last, and streaked when it rained. The new Turtle Wax premium Trim Restorer did a real nice job, it has been on over a month, and still looks as good as when I applied it. Some areas did require a second coat, but it really brought the dark charcoal look back to all my trim. Best plastic restorer I've used.
    • Doesn't last
      Dave Carpenter | , AZ | 4.4.2013
      I applied this product to a faded jeep hardtop. It looked great for a week or two, then faded completely back to the previous condition. It also ran down the windows and was difficult to remove.
    • 24 Year Old Trim
      Jim W | North Wales, PA | 4.6.2013
      Have a 1990 Mazda Miata. This is a product that really worked on the cloudy original red trim. Made it look brand new.This is great stuff!Simply to apply. Love It!
    • 2002 Avalanche owner
      Jon | , louisiana | 5.6.2013
      This stuff works! I have used several other products, none compare to this one. My gray plastic was badly faded and weathered. I applied 2 coats of trim restorer. the second coat was 1 week after the first one. My plastic has never looked so good!
    • Trim Restorer is magic in a bottle
      Darryl Lewis | Rock Hill, SC | 5.28.2013
      Fabulous product. Just got my 95 Jeep Cherokee from my ex after a long time and it had had NO, ZERO, NADA care. After several hours getting the cat hair out of it I went to work on the trim and WOW! I don't think it looked that good from the factory. NOTE: Read the directions and apply IN THE DIRECT SUN! Works great.
    • Wonderful!
      Dena Rockey | Valdosta, Georgia | 6.16.2013
      A great product and easy to use. I watched the video and followed the directions and my 2005 Volvo XC90 looks like new. No problem when it rained with the product running. Thanks Turtle Wax!
    • Trim Restorer
      betty murphy | axton, va | 7.26.2013
      Well I have to say Turtle Wax you always come up with great products. I used it on my plastic house shutters after I was done doing both my vehicles and they look like new again. I have always used turtle wax. It was good enough for dad it was good enough for me. I wish I could add a pic of the before
    • Paint
      Fred | Durham, Nc | 8.13.2013
      This lousy stuff ran all over the paint when it rained! Paint is stained. Nothing on product that states there is a paint danger.
      Tim | Coquitlam, BC | 9.11.2013
      I am using this product to restore both plastic and rubber vehicle trim. On the rubber product the shine only lasts until the first rainfall or carwash. Over all not happy or satisfied with the performance or longeveity of the product. I am currently applying it to a vehicle with a large amount of plastic body cladding to use up the remainder and hoping for better results
    • Splendid
      Oscar | Illinois | 1.27.2014
      Works great on a 2002 suburban z71. I read bad reviews about this, but i bought it anyways, for around $10. It works great, better than i expected. Only put 1 coat on and 6 months later still looks like new. Make sure not to get it on windows or mirrors and wipe the part down with a clean rag after applying. Will buy again
    • Very pleased
      JD | North Carolina | 2.10.2014
      I have owned two Chevy Avalanche trucks thus far. I too, like many Avalanche owners have explored many different solutions to restore the cladding on the vehicle. I have tried the Back to Black and the product made by McGuire’s called Ultimate Black. They both did fairly well. I was in the Wal Mart the other night and decided to try the Turtle Wax trim restorer. Now, I have just purchased another Avalanche where the cladding was in worse shape than the first one I bought. The Turtle Wax product has rendered great results. I will probably consider using the product verses the others. Now, a lot of owners are concerned about how long a product will last. Not really an issue for me. My Avalanche is garaged and I detail my Avalanche at least once a month. It is an oil based substance, so it is very possible that particles (dust, dirt, sand) may stick to the cladding, but if it does, I simple wipe down should take care of the issue. I’m very pleased with the product thus far. Great for the trim on your bumpers and other parts that may be plastic or vinyl.