The king of car wax

This is the legendary product that Turtle Wax® is known for. Super Hard Shell® protection and shine lasts for up to 12 months and will give your car the maximum shine. Available in liquid or paste wax.

Net weight: 0.9
SKU: T222R

    Start with a clean, cool-to-the-touch vehicle. Do not use in direct sunlight.

    Apply a small amount of wax to a damp foam applicator or cloth and spread evenly on one section at a time.

    Let it dry to a haze, then remove wax and buff gently with a microfiber cloth.

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    • container
      mike sheehan | levittown, ny | 5.3.2011
      the container fell off my bumper and when it hit the ground it broke into several pieces. The wax was ruined as it became contaiminated with dirt.
    • Top of the heap!!
      Scott | Van Nuys, California | 9.5.2011
      I detail cars part-time and my customers are just thrilled to see my super-exotic waxes that I use on my cars. Then they see my Turtle Wax paste next to them and I am asked what is that stuff for? "For my cars" I reply. I will put original Turtle Wax up against any fancy over-priced wax any day of the week. One client had me do half of his hood with expensive wax and the other half with Turtle Wax and he couldn't tell the difference!! When something has been around as long as Turtle Wax has you know it is a quality product and not everything new is not better. Turtle Wax has protected car finishes for the last 60 some years and it will continue to do so!!
    • Turtle Wax is Tough Stuff
      Stu | Wayland, MA | 10.10.2011
      I have used Turtle Wax liquid wax for years. It goes on easily, wipes off with a little rubbing, and protects for 2-3 months. Always enjoy the beaded raindrops and nice shine.Today, I couldn't find the liquid, but did find this Super Hard Shell paste wax, so I tried it. Went on easily. Great container. BUT, it is really tough! Very hard to buff off the excess. Took 3 times the effort of removing the liquid wax. So beware...don't do the whole car at once unless you have a mechanical buffer. I have a good feeling the Super Hard Shell paste wax will last a lot longer than the liquid green wax. What is your experience?Turtle Wax fan from New England.PS. Whenever I sell my old, old cars, buyers always admire how much better the body looks than newer cars they have seen. I credit Turtle Wax!
    • Hope it lasts
      Jay | St. Joseph, Missouri | 6.2.2012
      Very good shine. Not bad putting wax on but taking off the haze was a chore. Did not effect the black plastic trim (was worried about that.)  Followed with a buffer lightly. Hope it lasts awhile!
    • Boats too!
      Kim | Minneapolis, MN | 5.9.2013
      I’ve been using this to wax our cabin cruiser for years! It holds up great and I get a lot of compliments that the boat looks new! I proudly tell them it’s almost 30 years old.
    • The Best
      RG | Florida | 4.5.2014
      After doing some research I realized I was leaving the wax on my car for too long - which made it pretty difficult to remove. The secret is to remove the wax as soon as it is dry. That's about 1 minute after applying it. This makes removal much easier. I've used Turtle Wax for over 30 years and would never consider any other wax. The price point is excellent and the results are as good as anything else on the market. Plus, that hard shell finish really lasts.