Professional scratch removal

For Professional Results


Precision cutting power helps restore paint to like-new appearance

Removes Medium to Heavy Stains, Oxidation & Scratches

Clear coat safe, silicone free


Unique compounds with precise cutting action remove heavy blemishes, oxidation, severe scuffs and abrasions, restoring the surface to a clean, smooth finish.  This silicone-free, body shop safe formula provides exceptional performance. 


For best results and maximum shine follow this easy process:

  1. 1. Use Premium Rubbing compound to deep clean and smooth clear coat
  2. 2. Use Premium Polishing compound to enhance paint finish and increase shine

3.Finish with Turtle Wax® Paste Wax for maximum gloss, protection and durability

Net weight: 1.1
SKU: T415

    Wash and dry car.

    Test first on an inconspicuous area for compatibility with the finish.

    Not for use on flat or matte finishes.

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    • Rubbing compound ruined my paint
      Jeff Scharf | Boise, Idaho | 5.22.2011
      I had some light hazing in the paint on the gas tank of my 2009 Harley Davidson. I tried using the rubbing compound to get out the fine scratches and ended up with a worse problem. Now there is a large patch of deep swirls and hazing that I cannot polish out with polishing compound or shine up with wax. Now I will have to have a paint shop polish out the finish on my bike. Thanks Turtle wax for more problems and expense!
    • rubbing compound & heavy duty cleaner
      ivan | toledo, ohio | 10.10.2011
      Use your rubbing compound and super duty cleaner on my 2004 KIA Spectra. I did this on a cool cloudy day. It took the paint shine off and left a dull finish with swirl marks. The car’s finish is ruin.
    • unsatisied
      Bill | Hesperia, ca. | 4.25.2012
      Used this product on my 99 Ford pick-up caused small spider web looking cracks in the paint now I really need a paint job. Don't use it!
    • will screw up your paint job
      Kyle | Wellford, South Carolina | 5.6.2012
      I used the product on the hood of my wife's 2005 Cadillac SRX. It completely messed up the finish and clear coat. There are swirl marks all over. I followed the directions exactly and it looks worse than when I started. It only had some oxidation and weather exposure issues. Now it looks like I took a rag dipped in sand and wiped the hood.
    • worthless
      Mitchum | Syracuse, NY | 5.23.2012
      The polishing compound is about as effective as rubbing water on the surface of a car, all it does is leave residue and a dull haze, completely worthless product.
    • rubbing compound & heavy duty cleaner
      Melvin | , South Carolina | 6.17.2012
      I used this product on my Tahoe hood. It removed the water stains, swirls and oxidation. It restored the color. I am impressed with this product
    • Terrible.
      Patrick Ricks | Barnwell, South Carolina/United States | 6.19.2012
      This product did not work at all. Don't waste your time or money with this.
    • good product
      skully | , | 6.25.2012
      This product works great, I'm using it on my 84 rabbit. That had no shine at all, and now its starting to come back. I'm going to find another Turtle product to seal when I'm done, and to the other people leaving a review, this isn't a wipe on, wipe off product. Paste requires some work, sometimes a lot. There is a reason they mention electric buffers on the label IN the instructions.
    • Do not use
      Jon C | Las Vegas, NV | 3.5.2013
      Scratched the paint
      Andy | , | 4.13.2013
      Worked better than anything else out there, for me. I opened my door and scuffed the underside of my mirror on some coarse material - a tiny area of heavy scratches was the result. Tried other products, but this one got rid of 99% of it without damaging the paint. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product to anyone like me, who finds it difficult to live with even the smallest area of self-inflicted damage! EXCELLENT product.
    • Zero Results..
      Mike | Edmonton, Alberta | 4.23.2013
      I shopped around a few different retail outlets and upon reading all products, thought this would be the best for my needs. I applied product, as directed, a number of times and got no results at all. Even on the very minor scuffs. Complete waste of time and money.
    • Old truck with old piant job.
      Richard | Buckeye, Az | 5.30.2013
      My dad bought 1966 ford f250 that very weather white tire paint job. Not have lots money go get new paint job . I went Walmart got rubbing compound follow how use right. I got amazing results with it. A truck that had mayonnaise yellow finish turn back in white finish that look like truck just been paint when I was done with it. It last long time sent I have used. It great stuff.
    • Works great!
      Samson D. | , | 8.22.2013
      Ignore all the bad reviews. I was skeptical at first using this compared to 3M, but it does the job. I sanded the car with 1000 grit it even removed those scratches when it states 1500 or finer. All the other bad reviews are what I'm assuming not using it properly. It will leave swirls/spider web scratches which you will have to finish with a polishing compound.
    • premiem grade rubbing compound
      ed | Pa | 10.20.2013
      do not know about all these negetive comments, but i can say this product restored my 20 yr old 1994 nissan altima which was oxidized and looking old into a shiny classic with no scratches. (oxidation gone and color restored) finished with a coat of Mcguiars no 26 wax and looks great, I think these negitive comments, some of these people bought the heavy duty compound and used it on clear coat, there is no way this rubbing compound I used could scratch up the paint.
    • Not worth it.
      Bryan Malong | United States | 11.18.2013
      I so wish that I had thought to check this website and read the reviews before I used this rubbing compound. Just like all the other reviews say, it basically just left a matte haze on my paint. I've tried using wax to get rid of it (just like the instructions say), but it didn't work.
    • Best compound
      Allen | Taylor, MI | 11.30.2013
      I use this all the time, works great for removing sanding marks from wet sanding new paint and for removing scuffs and scratches from normal wear and tear. Just used it on a part that I painted with some cheap off brand enamel that was dull when it dried and now it shines like wet paint. Never had a problem and it works better than the commercial products I have used. I did body work for a living for 40 years so I have used a lot of different products and this is my all time favorite.
    • Horrible Product!!!
      Mad Tahoe Owner | Alabama | 12.7.2013
      This product ruined the paint on my 08 Tahoe, it appeared to leave a shine and a gloss look but also removed small chucks of paint on my hood. I am now headed to the paint shop it appears and looking to see who at Turtle needs to get the this bill??!! Mad '08 Owner
    • DO NOT BUY
      M. Land | Los Angeles | 12.31.2013
      Took my clear coat right off. This product should be banned.
    • Do not use on clear coats unless you know what you are doing
      Ghawk | USA | 2.7.2014
      This is a very aggressive compound and I have seen many cars have their paint scuffed up by using the product in a manner not safe to clear coats. Do not use this on clear coats by hand, it works well for older say pre 1985ish paint that is single stage. As a detailer, I buff out areas with damage caused by the owner using this product incorrectly all the time.
    • Good Job
      gd j | Brooklyn ny | 4.20.2014
      Turtle wax compound did a great job on my car but they need to explain to people better on how to use it. Trust me if you don't have a buffer it will leave marks and you must use it in the shade or on a cloudy day. BUT IT DOES WORK