Restore your car's shine

For Professional Results


Fine cut polishing agents improve paint clarity and leave a high gloss shine

Removes Light to Medium Scratches, Oxidation & Swirl Marks

Clear coat safe, silicone free


Fast acting formula removes light scratches and leaves a high gloss shine in one application.  Formulated with fine cut ingredients and professional grade lubricating oil to quickly and safely restore finish to like new appearance. This silicone-free, body shop safe formula provides exceptional performance. 

TURTLE TIP: Finish treatment with Turtle Wax® Paste Wax application for maximum protection and durability. For cars with heavy swirls marks or oxidation prepare surface first with our Premium Rubbing Compound.

Net weight: 1.1
SKU: T417

    Wash and dry car.

    First test on an inconspicuous area for compatibility with the finish.

    Not for use on flat or matte finishes.

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    • Excellent if you know how to apply
      Alvin | , | 1.5.2012
      I had tried this product once and I quite like it very much. Unlike the paste polishing compound, this is much easier to apply and buff off. I use applicator to apply the compound for fine-cut. Just leave it on for 2 - 3 minutes before buffing off with a clean cloth. You will spot small black particles on your cloth or while you are buffing. Those are the dirts lifted up by the compound. Simply wipe them away.
    • Amazing!!!
      Li | Dallas, TX | 2.28.2012
      This thing is amazing, works like magic, I use it to restore my bicycle's clear coat shine, both my 10 year old frame and 5 year old frame's coat now looks like new. Won't restore lost paint or scratches but if your clear coat is still intact, and the bike lost it's shine, you definitely should give this a try.
    • Vinyl problems
      Bob | Leonard, MI | 6.2.2012
      Did a great job on the paint BUT don't get this stuff on the vinyl trim. Small specks and a couple of buffing wheel marks on the trim that don't seem to come off...
    • Great stuff!
      Brandon S | Tampa, FL | 3.20.2014
      Have always used Mothers but they didnt have it at my usual auto places. So I picked up a bottle of this instead, and boy was I glad I got it! Does an amazing job for prewax polish! Very user friendly and doesnt require much to keep going. I will state for the person below who had a low rate review, this product clearly states do not apply to matte or flat finishes. Being its similar to wax, common sense dictates to AVOID vinyl and plastics.