Maximum Strength Formula Quickly & Easily Dissolves Adhesives

Enriched with Citrus Extract to Remove Stickers from Glass, Metal and Automotive Paint


  • • The ultimate and versatile “sticky stuff” remover- great for cars and homes!
  • • Easiest way to remove labels, adhesives, rubber cement, duct tape, glue and more
• Safe for all non-porous surfaces including glass, metal, and automotive paint

Net weight: 0.6
SKU: T529

    Shake well. Hold 2-4 inches from surface and spray product.

    Allow 1 minute for product to dissolve and loosen the sticker or glue residue.

    Wipe surface with a clean dry cloth. Reapply as necessary.

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    • Crappy product
      Prentice Hill | Tifton, GA | 5.5.2011
      I bought a can of this crap and now on each spot where I used it I have scratches on my paint. I used it as suggested and ruined my paint job. DO NOT USE IT!
    • Careful with trim
      R Reeves | Columbia, TN | 8.30.2011
      Tested the product first no problem. Cleaned paint on side mirrors well. Wiped clean per instruction. When exposed to the sunlight it stained my gray trim and i cannot remove it. 4 month old new car with ugly stained trim. Use caution and I would recommend against ANY aerosol based removal sprays.
    • Awesome Product
      Staci | Visalia, CA | 9.10.2011
      My husband and I just bought a truck that had been sitting under a sappy tree and also had a sticker on the tailgate that was absolutely unacceptable for a family car. I found this product in a local Walmart and thought that I would give it a try. It was so easy to use and the sap came off beautifully and the sticker just pealed off. Thank you for making a great product.
    • impressive!
      brown bear | , | 4.21.2012
      I could not believe how easy it was to remove glue residue from an unwanted business logo (rather large) from my van!Just spray, let it soak for a minute, and wipe! Yes it was that easy!
    • Do Not Use On Paint
      Michael | , | 5.20.2012
      Don't bother checking product on an inconspicuous area......it ruins clear coat auto finishes. I used it to remove left on adhesive from some rubber door guards I removed and it left the cleaned area dull. I have tried paste wax and you can still see the dulled finish. It looks like it burned the clear coat finish.
    • Do Not Use
      Bobbie | , | 9.9.2012
      This will take the paint off of plastic and metal. I don't care what the can says ....used to remove stickers and it ruined 2 metal pieces and a plastic piece.Would never use near a car....unreal. So disappointed in Turtle Wax!
    • The best ever sticker remover
      Leon Soto | Cherryville, NC | 4.7.2013
      This stuff really work!!!! Wish I could tell the hole world how good this stuff works. It work with just one spray!!! Thanks for making such an amazing product. :)
    • This Works Great!!!
      Lois | Long Island , NY | 4.21.2013
      I had a 2 year old parking permit sticker on my 2004 black Grand Prix. It was baked on by the sun. I tried everything to get it off and no luck. Then I came across this product in my local auto parts store. At first I tried it using the instructions given, but the sticker was not on a surface where the product could soak in. It just ran off. So I decided to buy those sponge cloth things. And I cut one down to a size a bit larger than the sticker I was trying to remove. I then soaked it with the product and slapped it over the sticker and it stayed there. I left it for a couple of minutes. When I removed it, the sticker peeled right off. I am more than happy and would recommend this to anyone. My car is 9 years old, but he sure doesn't look it. I love him, and when I say that I saw no bad effects from using this product, I really mean it. It's great!
    • Ruined my paint!
      Travis B | stedman, nc | 6.2.2013
      Removing a pin strip from my 43,000 dollar car and now the paint has stripes all the way down. Crazy thing is no where does it say not safe for clear coat. STAY AWAY!!!
    • Removed spray paint like a whiteboard
      Martin cabrera | Willmar, Minnesota | 6.4.2013
      I was driving down the road the other day and I run over a spray can of blue paint, I was very worried that I would have to have my car reprinted, so, I went to the store and looked but I couldn't find anything to help me remove the paint, then I found this product, it worked better than I could of imagined, I sprayed it onto then paint and it came off like a dry erase marker.
    • Label and Sticker Remover
      George | Orlando, Fl | 3.31.2014
      Outstanding product!!!!!! Don't change a thing. It works great and saves a lot of time. KEEP MAKING IT!!!