#1 Selling Bug & Tar Remover

Powerful stain-fighting formula easily removes dried-on residue


Tackle Tough Stains!


  • • Easily and effectively removes:bugs, tar, bird droppings, tree sap
  • • Non-drip formula provides total control for precision spot cleaning
• Safe for use on metal, paint, plastic, and glass

Net weight: 1
SKU: T520A

    Shake well. Hold sprayer 6-7 inches away when applying to surface. Allow one minute for product to penetrate the stain.

    Wipe with a microfiber cloth or soft terry towel until clean.

    Lightly buff clean surface to reveal a shiny finish.

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    • Great Job
      David | Marine, IL | 7.23.2011
      I drove through a construction site and tar was kicked up all over my car. Bug & Tar remover took it off perfectly with no damage to the clear coat. I would highly recommend.
    • Bug and tar remover
      Richard W | Lakeland, FLorida | 8.30.2011
      This product did not remove bugs and was a mess to get off my truck.
    • Great job!
      Phil | , | 9.30.2011
      I rarely take the time to endorse a product, but I simply have to let you know how delighted I am with Turtle Wax Bug & Tar Remover. I recently drove my 2008 Oxford White Mustang from my home in Louisiana all over the state of Florida and back. I logged almost 2,500 miles in two weeks and drove across U.S. 41 (Tamiami Trail) across the Florida Everglades. Needless to say, the front of that little pony was COVERED with bugs. I bought a bottle of Turtle Wax Bug & Tar remover and just finished completely cleaning them ALL off. I have to say that is one of the best car care products I've every tried. It actually works and works very well. Cudos, Turtle Wax R&D folks! Great job!
    • question
      Court | Edmonton, AB | 10.1.2011
      The product says "this product also leaves a shiny protective wax barrier that helps prevent future bugs and grime from sticking to exterior surfaces." But the demonstration video says "Remember, you're gonna want to follow up with a wax to put protection back on"... so which is it???
    • auto owner
      Bob | Ocala, FL | 10.2.2011
      Not very good at removing 'love bugs'. It managed to take the wings off and leave the guts on...at best.
    • Bug and Tar??
      Rick | jacksonville, florida | 1.7.2012
      Well I didn't have a bug or tar issue but the label says it works on bird droppings and tree sap residue. I purchased it for tree sap removal, followed the directions and it didn't do squat!! Don't waste your money! I guess it's back to the store for a bottle of good old rubbing alcohol.
    • Lives up to its promise
      Catdog | Canberra, ACT | 1.27.2012
      This stuff does exactly what it promises on the label. It sticks to vertical surfaces no worries, and cleans off bugs really well from my precious Golf R. Turtle delivers with this product.
    • Nice product!
      ben_david19 | Manila, Manila | 8.28.2012
      A perfect product for the removal of road grimes here in Manila driving. Removing asphalt particles ain't this easy without this product.
    • Oil dilliama
      Norine | Duncan, Arizona | 9.17.2012
      This is the best product ever. Recently they put down a fresh coat of oil on the highway, but didn't put signs out saying to wait for a pilot car on every side road entrance. I ended up driving about 4 miles in the fresh laid stuff. My Rendezvous was covered in the stuff. I remembered using this years ago, so I got some and gave it a try again. My car looks wonderful now, it removed almost all the tar/oil the first try. I have a few hard to get places on the bottom still to get. This product is Awesome! Thanks Turtle Wax. I wish I had taken before and after pictures.
    • great product
      Frank | Santiago/Chile, | 10.25.2012
      I just tried this product to remove tar on the car bumper and bottom area and did the work smoothly and removed the tar stains, just a great product for the labor of car maintenance.
    • car got tagged
      Micha | San Jose, CA | 11.3.2012
      Over a week ago my car was spray painted by a 4 year old. I called local shops and they said it would be around $1200 or I could try having it detailed. I really didn't want to dish out that much money. So I decided to research possible ways to fix it online such as hot water or nail polish remover. I tried hot water to no avail and I didn't want to use nail polish remover. I grabbed this product out of my car supplies and it removed the spray paint like magic and some scrubbing. I couldn't be happier! Great product. I wish I could post pictures.
    • WOW!
      Richard | Pleasanton, CA | 5.4.2013
      Rarely to spend the time to review things, but I just couldn't believe how well this stuff works. It takes everything off the paint and leaves a smoothly waxed finish. It made my windows look brand new. Just amazing.
    • Mr
      cooling | , | 5.19.2013
      Don't use this product, I applied it and it has taken me 3 hours to remove the stuff and there are still traces of it, it won't even get the bugs off!. I have binned it!
    • Useless
      St | Chatta, Tn | 5.21.2013
      I applied per instructions & absolutely no effect on bugs. This product did not remove bug spots on car at all-did not remove them-could still see & feel just as they were before applying. Rate zero
    • This Product is Worthless
      J. Qurollo | Punta Gorda, Florida | 9.20.2013
      I bought the Turtle Wax Bug & Tar Remover to remove the "love bugs" from the front of the vehicle. I followed the directions exactly. The Bug & Tar Remover did almost nothing to remove the bug stains. I was better off spitting on a cloth and scrubbing the bug residue off with a lot of elbow grease. I'll not buy more Turtle Wax products in the future.